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Although a DIFC Foundation has a separate legal personality, unlike a typical corporate vehicle, it does not have partners, shareholders or members, but rather is 'self-owned'.
The court then went on to conclude that "Samruk lacks de facto-economic independence in its relation to Kazakhstan, in the sense that Samruk cannot invoke its separate legal personality against Kazakhstan in order to pursue a policy of its own that deviates from the policy of (those politically responsible in) Kazakhstan- it has to be assumed that Samruk has been established by Kazakhstan (at least partially) with a view to shield Kazakhstan's assets from Kazakhstan's creditors."
(6) Despite their obvious and unavoidable limitations, these studies nevertheless add an important dimension to the body of veil piercing scholarship in these jurisdictions, which includes doctrinal analyses of how courts approach veil piercing, (7) attempts to classify veil piercing cases (8) and policy analyses of particular contexts where disregarding separate legal personality and limited liability is most compelling such as with tort creditors (9) and with corporate groups.
With respect to the role of veil piercing within corporate law, the court was asked to consider the fundamental issue of whether such a judicial discretion to disregard separate legal personality and limited liability actually exists in the United Kingdom, notwithstanding the significant number of lower-court cases that have assumed its existence for decades.
The Competition Council is a separate legal personality, which enjoys administrative and financial independence, seeks to promote fair competition, and prevents monopolistic practices that affect the legitimate competition in order to achieve the economic policy pursued by the Kingdom in the economic field and promote the climate of competition in business sector.
A foundation is more like a company in that it is an incorporated entity with a separate legal personality where assets are owned by the structure.
Furthermore, the DIFC Courts and the Arbitration Institute are each expressly provided a separate legal personality and an independent budget.
Separate legal personality is rarely invoked in relation to enterprise risk management.
The Board of Directors will appoint three independent bodies, the Global Market's authorities, where each of it shall enjoy an independent and separate legal personality and have separate financials and shall each exercise its powers independently.
You have two chancery division judges in the court of appeal saying that you have to respect the separate legal personality of these companies ...
The fact is that for a transport SME, it is not necessary: they all have their head office, a VAT number and a separate legal personality. And that's enough.