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To destabilise Pakistan, India has always supported Baloch separatist movements.
The infighting between the two brothers has put major dents in the separatist movement in recent months," Irfan Hussein, a Karachi-based analyst told Turkey's Anadolu News Agency.
Italy has many inconsequential separatist movements.
The two brothers have nevertheless expressed sympathetic views for the Chechen separatist movement in online activity.
Ferhat Mheni's advisor had accused him of receiving huge sums from Moroccans to fund his separatist movement and disturb the Algerian authorities.
Yemen has been struggling with a variety of internal conflicts on several fronts, including a Shiite rebellion in the north, a separatist movement in the south, and a developing political crisis between the ruling coalition and the opposition parties over constitutional amendments to the election laws.
He was head of the separatist movement eastern Sri Lanka.
In addition to a growing Al Qaeda threat and the southern separatist movement, Yemen faces a sporadic revolt by Zaidi Shi'ites in the north.
The Arabian Peninsula state is under international pressure to quell domestic conflicts like the southern separatist movement and bolster a shaky truce with Shia rebels in the north in order to focus on fighting a resurgent wing of al-Qaeda, which is said to be exploiting the country's instability.
We demand the immediate release of Mouloud who must be handed over to UNHCR as required by international conventions applicable to this case," the committee added, noting that the UNHCR should require the Algerian authorities, which house the separatist movement in their territory, to ensure the returning of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud to Tindouf.
Yemen is struggling to curb a separatist movement in the south and to cement a ceasefire with Shiite rebels in the north.
Summary: Jakarta, June 03, 2010, SPA -- Hasan Muhammad di Tiro, the former leader of the now-disbanded separatist movement in Indonesia&'s Aceh province, died Thursday at the age of 84, dpa reported.