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The fissure between the two brothers, according to many analysts, has hindered the separatist movement in Baluchestan and left it in decline.
Geelani has been a champion of separatist movement's militant strain, leading funeral prayers of the militants and using religious rhetoric.
Italy has many inconsequential separatist movements. However, only one has ever had any significant electoral success: Italy's Lega Nord (Northern League).
The two brothers have nevertheless expressed sympathetic views for the Chechen separatist movement in online activity.
President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has accused Iran of backing a faction of Yemen's southern separatist movement seeking to secede by force of arms.
No group has so far claimed responsibility for the latest attack, but such incidents are often blamed on the Balochistan Liberation Army, a local separatist movement.
Fundamental to the author's analysis is the assertion that Black nationalism should be understood not simply as a separatist movement, the traditional conception, but instead as a common-sense psychological orientation with long roots in US political history.
Want to learn more about the lesbian separatist movement featured in "Back to the Future" (page 34)?
Ferhat Mheni's advisor had accused him of receiving huge sums from Moroccans to fund his separatist movement and disturb the Algerian authorities.
Yemen has been struggling with a variety of internal conflicts on several fronts, including a Shiite rebellion in the north, a separatist movement in the south, and a developing political crisis between the ruling coalition and the opposition parties over constitutional amendments to the election laws.
29 -- A Deputy Minister in Sri Lanka's government claims that Norway gave money to the Tamil separatist movement's buying of weapons.
In addition to a growing Al Qaeda threat and the southern separatist movement, Yemen faces a sporadic revolt by Zaidi Shi'ites in the north.