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The statement was posted online before a meeting between representatives of the separatists, Ukraine and Russia, under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
On Friday, Maiga had insisted they would stay in the town to prevent the separatists from returning, flouting the demands of an international peace monitoring group.
Parra said the separatists should serve the cause of dialogue rather than hindering the dialogue process.
Raheel Sharif that after many years, now separatists have started to surrender and people of Balochistan have pinned hope on the current development that their province is going to become once again a peaceful region.
The documents -- which were provided to Khaleej Times by the Ukrainian embassy -- accuses Russian-backed separatists of breaking the ceasefire over 50 times on June 14.
Since the beginning of their peaceful uprising against the government in 2007, Southern Yemen separatists, also known as Hirak, have held continuous demonstrations in the south, hoisting the flag of the former South Yemen and shouting slogans against north Yemen demanding the termination of the unity deal that brought together former South and North Yemen in 1990.
The separatists, however, said that the deal had not reformed their policy of separation from Ukraine.
KIEV Tue Aug 5, 2014(Reuters) - Ukrainian government forces, backed by warplanes, kept up a military offensive to claw back lost territory from pro-Russian separatists on Tuesday while casting a nervous eye at Russian military exercises over the border.
Ukraine said it was trying to dislodge the rebels, but denied it was fighting near the crash site, saying the separatists had put the monitors off by falsely claiming that the army was operating nearby.
Miko comments that we must remember one thing" to be very careful when we support separatists in any country, regardless if they are pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, Albanian separatists in Macedonia or the Mexican in America.
London, July 19 ( ANI ): Pro-Russian separatists are clearing all evidences that could link to the missile battery, suspected to have been used in the MH17 attack, amidst the United Nations orders of a full investigation at the crash site.
UKRAINIAN president Petro Poroshenko yesterday ordered his forces to cease fire and halt military operations for seven days against pro-Russia separatists in the country's east.