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The outbreak of hostilities between Yemen's Saudi-backed government and the UAE-backed separatists is the latest twist in a multi-faceted war in Yemen pitting several factions and armies against each other.
The government's information minister Moammar al-Eryani said on Twitter government forces had taken Aden's airport from the separatists. Residents confirmed the report.
"We will not retreat, we will not budge and planes will not scare us," a statement from one of the brigades fighting as part of the southern separatists said, in response to Saturday's flares and low-flying war planes.
When Pashinyan needs to eliminate a person who causes his personal grudge, then sanctions against the Karabakh separatists are used.
According to the ED, Watali, an influential businessman, is allegedly known to some Pakistani leaders and Kashmiri separatists. It has also alleged that Watali is known to Kishore, who was a UAE-based businessman.
In 2015, the European Union denounced, through the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the polisario's embezzlement, in addition, complaints were made against the separatists for the same reason by other parties such as the Manos Limpias union in 2016.
Separatists threw and sprayed coloured powder at the local police.
New Delhi -- A division bench of the Delhi High Court (HC) ruled that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) lacks evidence to establish the role of Pakistan High Commission in funding separatist activities in Kashmir.
Srinagar: Lok Sabha member and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah has advised separatists not to engage in talks with the Centre, saying they will get nothing.
"On the side of the government, there have been targeted killings, detentions without access to legal support, family, or the Red Cross, and burning and looting of villages," he had alleged in a statement, also accusing the separatists of "murders of gendarmes, kidnapping of government officials, and burning of schools".
According to Financial Times, talks have been held to appease the separatists in order to securitise the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which has projected investments worth of $60 billion.
Separatists from the selfproclaimed Luhansk People's Republic drove 16 prisoners to a government-controlled area near the no-man's land on the front, while Ukrainian government representatives delivered 99 people.