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Kin-cogish troubles Irenius because it consolidates authority and accountability in a single person, such that "the principall and heads of septs are made stronger, whome it should bee a most speciall care in policie to weaken" (42-43).
Although it is not clear whether this is a deliberate play on Chamoiseau, the echoes between this passage and the following passage in Chamoiseau's Chroniques des septs miseres are striking:
only the English colonies and some few septs of the Irishry, which were enfranchised by special charters, were admitted to the benefit and protection of the laws of England, and that the Irish generally were held and reputed aliens, or rather enemies, to the Crown of England; insomuch as they were not only disabled to bring any actions, but they were so far out of the protection of the law as it was often adjudged no felony to kill a mere Irishman in the time of peace.
Thus the Anglo-Irish families, like the septs, engage in unending "private warrs one against another.
A famous example of those inherited clan land-sea domains are the seafaring septs of Connaught in western Ireland.