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Thus, there is a need to examine the results with behavioral sequential analysis.
Moreover, the sequential analysis suggested that when the differences between onset and offset events were reduced, no difference emerged between the sequential modulations of the Simon effect for onset and offset trials.
The new software leverages complex sequential analysis technology that has been developed by Fujitsu Laboratories and performs multifaceted analysis of a wide variety of data in order to discover hidden causal relationships and detect early signs of abnormal circumstances.
Sequential analysis is a methodological tool that allows the study of changes in therapeutic interaction (Lichtenberg & Heck, 1986).
To do this, the microgenetic study combined an analysis of interactivity and sequential analysis.
Using a similar approach, recent studies have employed time-based lag sequential analysis to analyze data from naturally occurring observations (e.
Melbourne) present a textbook on methods of sequential analysis for undergraduate and graduate students, not just of mathematics but of any discipline that uses such statistics.
To go a step further in assessing how transgressors, environmental transgressors in this case, account for their illegal behavior, it is necessary to use a different approach, such as that underlying sequential analysis.
descriptive statistics), qualitative content analysis, user-classified forum content via constrained CMC forums, and sequential analysis that combines both quantitative and qualitative methods.
Hence, various methodological applications were conducted to define the needs, problems, and future visions of the camp's inhabitants, such as, grounded theory, theoretical sampling and sequential analysis.
Fast Sequential analysis provides new capabilities for flame AA, including semi-quantitative analysis and internal standard corrections.

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