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SERF. During the feudal times certain persons who were bound to perform very onerous duties towards others, were so called. Poth. Des Personnes, p. 1, t. 1, a. 6, s. 4. There is this essential difference between a serf and a slave; the serf was bound simply to labor on the soil where he was born, without any right to go elsewhere without the consent of his lord; but he was free to act as he pleased in his daily action: the slave on the contrary is the property of his master, who may require him to act as he pleases in every respect, and who may sell him as a chattel. Lepage, Science du Droit, c. 3, art. 2, Sec. 2.

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An underclass of serfs dependent on the state is growing rapidly, and in the United States currently includes more than half the population.
The noble periodically convenes a debate which all of his serfs are instructed to attend, but everyone present believes that no serf has the liberty to speak in the debate until the noble grants him that liberty.
On March 28, 1959, the central government carried out the long-delayed emancipation of millions of serfs and slaves in Tibet after the failed rebellion by the Dalai Lama and his followers.
Marilyn Keller noticed the tags on the trees but said she had never heard of SERF certification.
The new Empress also wanted to free Russia's millions of serfs, who were virtual slaves on the estates of Russia's noblemen.
states, "Our distribution arrangement with SERF is in keeping with our philosophy of providing the best technology to our customers whether developed in house by our own family of companies or by partnering with very high quality manufacturers such as SERF-Dedienne Sante.
A SERF has the following unique characteristic: if an imaginary edge joining the initial vertex of the first edge with the terminal vertex of the last edge completes a polygon lying outside the face, the set of edges from the first edge to the last edge constitutes a SERF.
As the great serf emancipation neared, some landowners found still another reason to convert agricultural serfs to household use: the latter were ineligible to receive land.
Remorseless threats and pressures place Speyron's bachelor king in a crucible; his advisors suggest a female serf from an obscure village just might possess the answer to the dual threats to his nation from without and within.
And in summer's adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's scandalous novel ``The Devil Wears Prada'' (June 30), Hathaway is more like a modern-day serf.
The Noble (1417103027), The Doctor (1417102977), The Serf (1417103035), The Monk (1417103019), The Merchant (1417103-000), and The Knight (1417102993) offer facts about the housing, food, livelihood, and perils of each profession, with lively modern-day re-enactments.
The SERF tool accomplishes the dual benefit through unique Sinusoidal Edge Rougher Finisher geometry, which serves as a shearing action in the cut and reduces impact forces resulting in longer tool life, fewer cutting forces, greater federates, and reduced noise.