Sergeant at arms

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SERGEANT AT ARMS, An officer appointed by a legislative body, whose duties are to enforce the orders given by such bodies, generally under the warrant of its presiding officer.

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Durbin said he thought the matter should be turned over to an independent investigator because the sergeant at arms does not have subpoena power and cannot compel anyone to participate in the investigation.
Other members include community service director Mohammed Al Khaja, club services director Abdulla Al Wedaei, general services director Peter Makepeace, international director Reginald Braggs, vocational service director Sebahat Isik, sergeant at arms Fawaz Al Mannai and president-elect for 2012-2013 Khalid Turk.
Additionally, Strodel previously worked in the Office of the Sergeant at Arms of the U.
Kaelin is the chief information officer for the office of the sergeant at arms of the U.
DeHaas was recently elected sergeant at arms of Focus Northwest, a local nonprofit business network promoting best practices.
Staff reporter Charlie Savage said people familiar with an investigation by the Senate sergeant at arms say the scope of the intrusion "is now known to have been far more extensive" than previously reported, lasting from spring 2002 until at least April 2003.
Giles, an all-party committee was formed to recommend the appointment of a new Sergeant at Arms, and it was the unanimous recommendation of that committee that Noel Knockwood be appointed as Sergeant-at-Arms, and he was unanimously elected to that position by the House on March 27, 2000.
Senate Sergeant at Arms James Ziglar then delivered the centuries-old warning to the assembly: ``Hear ye
The system had no oversight, however, apart from the Sergeant at Arms, who was an avid checkbouncer himself (31 personal checks worth almost $105,000).