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PASSAGE. A way over water; a voyage made over the sea or great river; as, the Sea Gull had a quick passage: the money paid for the transportation of a person over the sea; as, my, passage to Europe was one hundred and fifty dollars.

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VM mice have a different PrP sequence (PrP-b) and have been used to identify BSE after 2 serial passages on the basis of incubation period (IP) and LP data (23).
coli by serial passage on cefoxitin-containing medium to determine which of these two resistance mechanisms was predominant and if our findings were representative of those seen in clinical isolates.
After serial passages in additional TgOvPrP4 mice, the survival periods in each experiment became considerably shorter (Table; online Technical Appendix Figure 1, wwwnc.
The Corning Synthemax surface allows for the scalable expansion of stem cells for more than 20 serial passages in a defined xeno-free medium with:
Further studies, such as continuous serial passages and neutralization assay, are needed to determine the final activity of the virus in RD cells, as well as in other cells such as Vero and HeLa, because several species of picornaviruses have been identified as causing persistent infections in these cells in vitro (6-10).
Equally important is the fact that for many decades preceding the development of standardized manufacturing methods in the 20th century, the vaccine virus (vaccinia virus) was propagated by serial passages in animals without precise knowledge of the passage history and without use of a seed lot system that stabilized passage level.