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SERGEANT AT ARMS, An officer appointed by a legislative body, whose duties are to enforce the orders given by such bodies, generally under the warrant of its presiding officer.

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The office of the Serjeant at Arms -- the post is currently held by Sir Michael Cummins -- has responsibility for security in the Commons, but also additional duties.
Strictly, security at Westminster is the responsibility of its top officials, the Serjeant at Arms and Black Rod.
Liberal Democrats in Gateshead lodged a complaint with the Serjeant at Arms, the Parliamentary Officer who deals with services and facilities in the house, after Labour's Blaydon MP sent what they saw as a party political mailing to members.
The Serjeant at Arms has ordered an inquiry into how the Despatch Box came to be defaced and security for the Chamber is under urgent review.
Dr Kumar handed his letter over to the Commons Serjeant at Arms, who is responsible for security and the safety of MPs.
Apprentice Jamie Moriarty brought his score for the season to seven when Serjeant At Arms, trained by his boss John Oxx, held Eckbeag and Quest For A Star in the 0-90 handicap.
The rules are made and interpreted by Speaker Betty Boothroyd and enforced by her Serjeant at Arms.
And the Deputy and Assistant Serjeant at Arms spent almost PS8,000 between them on old fashioned clobber including glitzy shoe buckles, white gloves, wig bags and jabots - frilly ties.
Serjeant at Arms Lawrence Ward - who is responsible for security and keeping order in the Commons - yesterday confirmed that the Independent MP was arrested after a disturbance and would be subject to an indefinite alcohol ban in parliamentary bars.
Their refusal had prompted the committee to issue summonses - served by the Commons Deputy Serjeant at Arms - ordering them to appear.
The former Glasgow MP told a committee of MPs investigating the incident that he had been badly advised by the serjeant at arms Jill Pay.
There has been particular dismay at the way he appeared to lay the blame for what happened at the door of the Serjeant at Arms, Jill Pay, in his statement last Wednesday.