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SERVI. This name was given by the Romans to their slaves; they were so called from servare, to preserve, from the ancient practice of the generals of the army, who were accustomed to sell their captives, and preserved them rather than kill them: servi autem ex eo appellati sunt, quod imperatores captivos vendere, ac per hoc servare, nec occidere solent. Inst. 1 3, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Servi was honored by Brandt and the board Monday night and received some parting gifts.
Joe Servi (Scrooge) and Marc Akinfolarin (Marley) in A Christmas Carol
22 January 2013 - French optical firm Essilor International SA (EPA:EI) unveiled today agreements to buy majority stakes in Colombian prescription laboratory Servi Optica Sociedad Limitada, Turkish lens distributor Isbir Optik San AS and Chinese distributor Shanghai Tianhong Optical Co Ltd.
The works of art were removed from the altars and either lost after dispersal or scattered among different churches and museums in the Veneto, Europe, and the United States (Vicentini, Santa Maria de' Servi 44-98; Vicentini, I Servi di Maria nei documenti; Zorzi vol.
Infatti, la spartizione della scena fra servi e padroni e le caratteristiche decisamente anticonformiste di questi protagonisti mette di nuovo in relazione le due opere.
The agreement was signed by Hexagon Automation's subsidiary Servi Motion Control AS which already holds a 19% stake in Cylinderservice.
Il a egalement servi a renseigner les visiteurs sur les particularities du secteur agricole du Nord de meme qu'a promouvoir ce dernier.
The great post-Conquest 'census,' Domesday Book, providing our single greatest repository of social and economic data about the kingdom, demonstrates this, though not without equivocation: Pelteret shows the ambiguity and the nonutiliry of this collection of documents when we are looking for the remnants of true slavery (Domesday's servi were precisely that--slaves).
In the series of sculptures entitled "Servi muti" (Silent servants, 1987-88), the bandaged and anonymous figures carry in their arms something that they neither see nor know, and that, upon careful examination, is the world itself: a large table-disk with a sort o Western mandala, a sign of totality, carved on the top; or entire landscapes with stones, houses, vegetation, with small or large stairs that surround the parts.
This theory was originally stated by Jean Astruc, the French scholar, in his Conjectures sur les memoires originaux, dont il paroit que Moyse s ' est servi pour composer le livre de la Genese (1753), a book that formed the starting point for all modern criticism of the Pentateuch.