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SERVI. This name was given by the Romans to their slaves; they were so called from servare, to preserve, from the ancient practice of the generals of the army, who were accustomed to sell their captives, and preserved them rather than kill them: servi autem ex eo appellati sunt, quod imperatores captivos vendere, ac per hoc servare, nec occidere solent. Inst. 1 3, 3.

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Notes: (i) Un grand merci a David Tessier, coordonnateur de PARLINFO, ainsi qu'a Nicolas Moncion, responsable de la liste ayant servi a la presente analyze.
Joe Servi (Scrooge) and Marc Akinfolarin (Marley) in A Christmas Carol
22 January 2013 - French optical firm Essilor International SA (EPA:EI) unveiled today agreements to buy majority stakes in Colombian prescription laboratory Servi Optica Sociedad Limitada, Turkish lens distributor Isbir Optik San AS and Chinese distributor Shanghai Tianhong Optical Co Ltd.
The works of art were removed from the altars and either lost after dispersal or scattered among different churches and museums in the Veneto, Europe, and the United States (Vicentini, Santa Maria de' Servi 44-98; Vicentini, I Servi di Maria nei documenti; Zorzi vol.
It also analyses the cases of furtum of a servus fugitivus, and finally the matter in which recipere a servus fugitivus can be considered as a corruptio servi.
E noto come, fra gli elementi innovativi di Celestina, ci siano non solo il ruolo centrale dell'azione dei servi ma anche la loro intraprendenza "imprenditoriale," la cosdenza dell'importanza del denaro come medium che regola i rapporti fra le parti sociali, la consapevolezza del loro ruolo subalterno e il loro forte desiderio di affrancamento.
By adding the operations in Rissa, Servi Motion Control will secure a significant supplier, while the previous minority ownership in the parent company Cylinderservice AS will be divested," Hexagon said.
PHOTO (1 -- color) John Servi, left, and stepson Jerry Tucker placed more than 8,000 lights and a working windmill in front of the Jones family home, 6321 Jumilla Ave.
This theory was originally stated by Jean Astruc, the French scholar, in his Conjectures sur les memoires originaux, dont il paroit que Moyse s ' est servi pour composer le livre de la Genese (1753), a book that formed the starting point for all modern criticism of the Pentateuch.
Le joueur bresilien, devenu le footballeur le plus cher au monde en venant au PSG pour 222 millions d'Euros, a marque sur un centre en retrait d'Edinson Cavani (82e), auquel il avait servi une passe decisive (62e), apres un but contre son camp du Guingampais Jordan Ikoko (52e).
L'accord record entre la marque aux trois bandes et Manchester United, puis la prolongation signee avec le Bayern Munich ont servi de declic pour demander plus d'argent.
Esperons que les dirigeants actuels de la FRMA puissent s'inspirer du charisme Daouda,un grand technicien qui a tant servi l'athletisme marocain.