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SERVIENT, civil law. A term applied to an estate or tenement by which a servitude is due to another estate or tenement. See Dominant; Servitude.

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Alice also failed to satisfy the requirement of 'least prejudicial to the servient estate (Valentine's estate.
In Cirelli, the court explained that, "[b]ecause a common law way of necessity required a common source of title between the dominant and servient parcels, it became obvious that this requirement could not be met in all instances and many parcels of property would remain landlocked.
The majority were content that the by-law, in granting an entitlement to use a small part of the lot, was not incompatible with the servient owner's right of possession and was a valid easement.
The holder of an easement may not exercise her easement in a way that places an undue burden upon the servient estate.
hacia 1174, en el que se dejan unos vinedos a la iglesia de Sant Pere de Llobera "et ad tabula Sancti Petri, ad ille qui servient cotidie, die et nocte" (23).
the servient estate, cannot then eject speakers from that space for
and (7) a right to place or keep something on the servient estate.
1983) (explaining that "the grantee [of trust property] holds subject to the trust, and while he may assert a vested right to the servient estate (the right to use subject to the trust) and to any improvements he erects, he can claim no vested right to bar recognition of the trust or state action to carry out its purpose.
After this, without a fine break, Psalm 71:11 (with slight variations) follows: "Adorabunt eum omnes reges terrae Omnes servient ei alle/uia" [All kings of the world will adore him; all people will serve him.
The result is the same--a use right in the owner of the dominant tenement and a corresponding duty in the owner of the servient tenement--but the route there is different.
They are servient to man but man has to have harmonious relations with the.

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