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The proposed label would also update out-of-date serving size requirements to better align with how much people really eat, and it features a fresh design to highlight key parts of the label such as calories and serving sizes.
The proposed label would also replace out-of-date serving sizes to better align with the amount consumers actually eat, and it would feature a fresh design to highlight key parts of the label such as calories and serving sizes.
Coalition senior adviser Jane Martin said consumers could also be potentially confused or misled since the daily guide system was based on wildly differing serving sizes.
One cup is the serving size almost always used for all types of milk and yogurt.
Consumers should not have to guess about the alcohol strength, serving size, number of servings per container, calories or ingredients of alcoholic beverages," the Center for Science in the Public Interest said in 2005.
Inspectors found manufacturers are reducing the serving sizes on labels to make the salt content seem as low as possible.
Of particular concern are situations that involve interpretation and application of serving size.
In addition, the extent to which consumers can accurately gauge the amount of food that constitutes a product's designated serving size is in need of further study.
In fact, there are several issues concerning serving size, Dr.
The RACC, or serving size, is currently derived from the U.
However, because of the current design, consumers do not always link caloric content to the serving size listed," said GMA Senior Director of Nutrition and Regulatory Policy Alison Kretser, MS, RD.
Among the findings: Sixty-eight percent overestimated the serving size of cooked vegetables (a haft.