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Millions more, like Servon Lewis once was, are trapped in jobs that make it tough for them to get ahead.
2000) and Crandall (2000) for an example of the academic debate over the importance of the digital divide, and Servon (2002) for a discussion of policies addressing the digital divide.
The microenterprise, therefore, is distinguished from the traditional small business (Himes & Servon, 1998).
ACCION, in the United States, with the exception of its New York program, makes loans to individuals in much the same way as a bank would (Himes and Servon, 1998).
Social commentators recognize the importance and relevance of the Internet in our age, and have frequently lamented the "digital divide," which has become less racial and more age and region-related over time (Loges and Jung 2001; Servon 2002).
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SFTU028 01/09/2001 11:15 r f bc-CA-ServOn-AirTreks (SAN FRANCISCO) ServOn Adds World Travel Site to Client Roster
Contract notice: Servon bia walnut partridge - development work of the bia - the second phase.
Assignment: Read and be prepared to discuss Grimes, Rogers, and Smith (2010), Walstad, Rebeck, and MacDonald (2010) and Servon and Kaestner (2008).
It is worth noting that several scholars who have published recent studies about financial literacy have not explicitly defined the concept (Chen and Volpe 2002; Meier and Sprenger 2007; Morton 2005; Servon and Kaestner 2008).
Managed services provider (MSP) ServOn today announced that it has signed an agreement to deploy, operate and manage comprehensive Internet networking services for Tribalectic, a Web portal for the body piercing community.