Session court

SESSION COURT, or COURT OF SESSION. The highest civil court in the kingdom of Scotland. The judges, called lords of the session, are fifteen in number.
     2. It has extensive original jurisdiction, and its powers of review as a court of appeal have no limits. In 1808, it was divided into two chambers, called the first and second division; the lord president and seven judges constituting the former, and the lord justice clerk, who is head of the court of justiciary, with six judges, the latter. These divisions have independent but coordinate jurisdiction.
     3. The high court of justiciary, or supreme criminal jurisdiction for Scotland consists of six judges, who are lords of the session, the lord justice clerk presiding. In this court the number of the jury is fifteen, and a majority decides. The court of session is divided into the inner house and outer house, with appeal from the latter to the former, and from the former to the house of lords of the United Kingdom. Encycl. Amer.

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PESHAWAR -- Peshawar High Court has stayed the trial of defamation case in district and session court filed by member of provincial assembly and Qaumi Watan Party leader Bakht Baidar against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan.
According to details, the hearing was to be held in District and Session Court but was adjourned as Judge Tanveer Mir was on leave.
Financial consultant Rohaimi Abd Rahim, 37, and car salesman Muhamad Fauzi Misrak, 34, were brought to Malaysia's Session Court Tuesday.
Last November 11, the Session Court had authorized Farhadi's extradition to the US.
Security personnel were deployed in strength in the area to control the situation even as lawyers claimed that a large number of their colleague were "hiding" in the session court building and the nearby collectorate building to escape police action.
She said that she appreciated the Supreme Court had taken suo motu action against the session court incident, "but we should also be heard in the case so that we can prove our innocence".
Arifin said he was "satisfied" that the recording of the confession by the Session Court judge was "proper" and in accordance with law but he would only decide on the admissibility of the damaging piece of evidence at the end of the hearing.
PESHAWAR -- The Peshawar High Court (PHC) reserved the order in appeal case filed by one Rehman Ullah against the session court verdict of two times death sentence.
According to details, session court of Islamabad has declared Aasim Navid, son-in-law, along with his mother-Mumtaz Bibi- absconder in Zahoor Khan murder case in FIR registered Shahbaz vs SHO Margala.
Session Court of Lahore has issued the death warrant of two criminals imprisoned in Kot Lakhpat jail for ten years.
C (third amendment) Ordinance of 2002, the session court had no power to order lodging of an FIR.
ABBOTTABAD -- The convicted in the Kohistan Video Case Friday filed a petition against the verdict of the District and Session court Kohistan in Peshawar High Court Abbottabad bench, Abbottabad.