Session court

SESSION COURT, or COURT OF SESSION. The highest civil court in the kingdom of Scotland. The judges, called lords of the session, are fifteen in number.
     2. It has extensive original jurisdiction, and its powers of review as a court of appeal have no limits. In 1808, it was divided into two chambers, called the first and second division; the lord president and seven judges constituting the former, and the lord justice clerk, who is head of the court of justiciary, with six judges, the latter. These divisions have independent but coordinate jurisdiction.
     3. The high court of justiciary, or supreme criminal jurisdiction for Scotland consists of six judges, who are lords of the session, the lord justice clerk presiding. In this court the number of the jury is fifteen, and a majority decides. The court of session is divided into the inner house and outer house, with appeal from the latter to the former, and from the former to the house of lords of the United Kingdom. Encycl. Amer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Lahore -- Session court Lahore has issued warrants of court staff upon not filing case record in Meera Nikah revocation case.
QUETTA -- Additional Session Court of Quetta has served notices to 23 candidates of General Elections 2018 after failing to provide expenditure details.According to the details, Additional Session Court has issued notices to candidates, who failed to provide details of expenditure during the elections 2018.
HYDERABAD -- The District and Session Court here Saturday upheld the death penalty awarded by the same court earlier to Muhammad Faheem who was accused of stabbing a man to death in April, 2012.
LAHORE -- A man was killed in a firing incident after some unknown suspects opened fire at him outside the session court in Lahore.
LAHORE -- A man was shot dead outside Lahore Session Court on early Saturday morning.
"Additional chief metropolitan Magistrate Court has committed the Sunanda Pushkar Suicide case to the session court for commencing trial in the matter," the court said.
Session Court judge Azura Alwi acknowledged during case mention today that the application to transfer the trial to the superior court was approved on November 29.
According to journalist Rai Saqib, the original allotted parking for session court was in the court's basement, but massive irregularity is taking place outside the building of the session court.
LAHORE -- Lahore session court on Saturday extended bail of former police officer Abid Boxer till October 17 and merged his ten cases in a single court.
It said that till June 2018 the session and civil courts handled, resolved and settled total 4,672 cases, and of these 1,319 by the session court and 3,352 by the civil ones.
THATTA -- A meeting regarding the implementation of the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan for the general elections was held under the chair of District and Session Judge and District Returning Officer Thatta Amjad Ali Qazi on Wednesday at District Session Court Thatta.
In 2011, she said, a session court ordered the police to lodge a case against Hamza, Ali Imran, Rana Sanaullah, former Sindh IG Rana Maqbool, former additional IG (Investigation) Zulfiqar Cheema and others but the case was not registered.

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