Session court

SESSION COURT, or COURT OF SESSION. The highest civil court in the kingdom of Scotland. The judges, called lords of the session, are fifteen in number.
     2. It has extensive original jurisdiction, and its powers of review as a court of appeal have no limits. In 1808, it was divided into two chambers, called the first and second division; the lord president and seven judges constituting the former, and the lord justice clerk, who is head of the court of justiciary, with six judges, the latter. These divisions have independent but coordinate jurisdiction.
     3. The high court of justiciary, or supreme criminal jurisdiction for Scotland consists of six judges, who are lords of the session, the lord justice clerk presiding. In this court the number of the jury is fifteen, and a majority decides. The court of session is divided into the inner house and outer house, with appeal from the latter to the former, and from the former to the house of lords of the United Kingdom. Encycl. Amer.

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On January 31, a murder accused and a police officer were gunned down as two groups resorted to firing in the premises of session court.
Lahore -- Following the firing incident in Lahore Session Court, Security was further beefed up in the lower court.
LAHORE -- The firing incident on the premises of Lahore session court on Wednesday, which claimed two lives, including that of a head constable, has raised several questions over security arrangements in the red zone areas of the city.
He was told by the suspect's lawyer thatthe deed was requested because the session court has ordered them to present the record.
BAHAWALPUR -- On the orders of District and Session Court Bahawalpur, bailiff conducted raid at a police station in Musafir Khana area of the district and recovered a detainee who was illegally detained by police while he was not wanted in any case.
Financial consultant Rohaimi Abd Rahim, 37, and car salesman Muhamad Fauzi Misrak, 34, were brought to Malaysia's Session Court Tuesday.
She said that she appreciated the Supreme Court had taken suo motu action against the session court incident, "but we should also be heard in the case so that we can prove our innocence".
The suspect's lawyer responded saying the deed was requested because the session court has ordered them to present the record.
HYDERABAD -- The Anti Terrorist Court here Tuesday granted 14 day physical remand of an accused in a murder case and handed over to the police for investigation of an armed attack on an under trial prisoner in Hyderabad Session Court premises few days ago.
The relatives of the boy approached session court for bail.
PESHAWAR -- The Election Tribunal has shifted two election petitions to the session court Skardu for speedy trial.
Police has arrested Mufti Qavi on orders of Session court in Qandeel Baloch's murder case.

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