set form

References in classic literature ?
No matter what anybody else said, he still went turning round and round in one set form of words concerning them; as a poor squirrel turns and turns in its revolving cage; touching the mechanism, and trick of which, it has probably quite as distinct perceptions, as ever this red-faced gentleman had of his deceased Millennium.
Have you ever observed the remarkable adherence to set forms of speech which characterizes the talkers of arrant nonsense
The complete dissolution of hemihydrate into dehydrate as the plaster were set form series of interlocking of dehydrate crystal matrix (capillaries) giving the plaster the ability to absorb water after it's dry.
Finally the generating set form of a distributed energy system is determined.
In addition, the document set form of application for the import of goods and payment of indirect taxes, the rules of its filling, and exchange format requirements for the implementation of a protocol on the procedure of collection of indirect taxes and the mechanism of control over their payment for exports and imports of goods, works, services , annexed to the treaty on the EEU.
All volumes in the set form a detailed chronology highlighting key events in various religions around the world over the past 5,000 years.
Available in 7 colors, Antron Lumena nylon is tested in heat set form for stain resistance, bleed resistance, color fastness to light and atmospheric contaminants, and resistance to crocking.
The European Commission, in July 2006, proposed some amendments: strengthen cooperation and professionalise' information exchanges, notably with a set form to enable all member states to be better able to analyse the risks.
Most differences involved the case where only one set form was submitted for a trip that reported placing multiple sets on the trip form.
Fingerhut uses a set form to gather bid information.
Committee chairs or session organizers, please save ASAE significant investment of time and money by completing the room set form in your speaker kit.