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Whether puttering (in his garden), putting (on his backyard green) or pontificating (to students) to set the record straight on the unique aspects of Hollywood/film industry accounting, Stephen Taylor exudes a joie de vive, even though he hails from jolly old England.
Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.
is simply not true." Bush himself took several weeks to set the record straight. During that time, his spokesperson, Ari Fleischer gave the impression that the President was keeping quiet, not because the story wasn't true, but because he thought not commenting was a dignified way to handle the situation.
I still remember his admonition, "If you remember just one thing from this English course, let it be that William Shakespeare wrote William Shakespeare's plays." He thought Calvin Hoffman's 1955 book The Murder of the Man Who Was "Shakespeare" set the record straight.
MINING Magazine is happy to set the record straight and publish the unnamed members of this considerable team effort as follows:
Would All About Eve have won more nominations than Titanic if there were a category for best makeup in 19507 We'll never know - but it does seem fair to attempt to set the record straight in some way.
Of all the musical institutions in European history, none have been more surrounded by myth and legend than the four ospedali grandi, and none have been more in need of a thorough documentary history, both because of their inherent importance to musical history and simply to set the record straight.
These letters moving portray black gallantry and determination to set the record straight.
The ads, which were sponsored by the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), went on to "set the record straight" about the credit pesticides deserve for giving us the "safest and most plentiful [food supply] in the world."
As I belong to the Parsi community and also serve as our representative in the National Assembly, I want to set the record straight.
Burns, right, is desperate to set the record straight after being awarded a controversial draw against the challenger.
THE Taoiseach must set the record straight on remarks by two US senators that Ireland is a tax haven, it was warned yesterday.