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Let it also be remembered that the ruling family in Saudi Arabia are now in active alliance with the European settler colony that has stolen Palestine from its rightful inhabitants.
The settler colony enacts draconian permit regimes in the West Bank (Berda 2012), jails and tortures young Palestinian children with the complicity of the law via a system of military courts, and operates a hugely disparate water regime between occupied Palestinian subjects and Jewish settlers and Israeli citizens (B'Tselem 2013), while repeatedly declaring its determination to continue its colonial supremacy.
He points out that "[a]s an exclusionary settler colony, Israel does not stand alone in the history of European expansion overseas, but it is the only one of its kind in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries" (14).
A bagne was transplanted there in 1852 and a settler colony was established eleven years later.
For him the history of the settler colony took place under two paradigms, which he calls Utopia and Arcadia.
These labels are admittedly somewhat problematic: they are more obviously suited to the type of settler colony in which it is the settlers rather than the native inhabitants who produce the literature.
Of course, New Zealand is a settler colony that historically had particularly close ties to Britain.