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SEX. The physical difference between male and female in animals.
     2. In the human species the male is called man, (q.v.) and the female, woman. (q.v.) Some human beings whose sexual organs are somewhat imperfect, have acquired the name of hermaphrodite. (q.v.)
     3. In the civil state the sex creates a difference among individuals. Women cannot generally be elected or appointed to offices or service in public capacities. In this our law agrees with that of other nations. The civil law excluded women from all offices civil or public: Faemintae ab omnibus officiis civilibus vel publicis remotae sunt. Dig. 50, 17, 2. The principal reason of this exclusion is to encourage that modesty which is natural to the female sex, and which renders them unqualified to mix and contend with men; the pretended weakness of the sex is not probably the true reason. Poth. Des Personnes, tit. 5; Wood's Inst. 12; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 24; 1 Beck's Med. Juris. 94. Vide Gender; Male; Man; Women; Worthiest of blood.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The aberrations were located on sex chromosomes and autosomes of different sizes.
In addition, it is unclear whether exposure to PCBs versus p,p'-DDE and other organochlorines differentially impact micronuclei formation in germ cells, specifically sex chromosomes. Confirmation of these findings in other populations is needed.
Sex chromosomes and meiotic mechanisms in some African and Australian mantids.
DSDs can be caused by several combinations of abnormal sex chromosomes. (6,10) For example, individuals with only one X sex chromosome have a female appearance (Turner's syndrome), while individuals with two X and one Y chromosome (XXY, Klinefelter's syndrome) are usually infertile men.
hordei was determined, as well as in other Cecidomyiidae species that have been examined cytologically (White 1973), by a sex chromosome to autosome balance system with two X chromosomes.
These conditions are the result of various mutations of genes located on autosomes and/or sex chromosomes. For example, one type of ovarian dysgenesis is attributed to a mutation of an autosomal gene that regulates hormonal control of follicle growth.
The egg cell's 23 chromosomes constitute 22 non-sex chromosomes and one sex chromosome, the X.
During the first stage of meiosis in rodents, SUMO-1 is restricted to the sex chromosomes. In human spermatocytes during this stage, Morris's data indicate that SUMO-1 likely plays a role in the organization of other chromosomal regions as well.
This reconstructed chromosome, then, would be the new male sex chromosome and would operate just like the old one.
Dosage compensation, the origin and the afterlife of sex chromosomes. Chromosome Research 14: 417-431.
pythagoricus show 42 telocentric chromosomes, the two sex chromosomes being the largest and of different size.
environmental endocrine disruptors, estrogens, frogs, gonadal sex differentiation, phthalate ester toxicity, plasticizers, sex chromosomes, sex-determining systems.