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It's old news": Since voters already knew that Clinton had been unfaithful to his wife, and elected him president, anyway, the assumption went that the "new sex stories were irrelevant'"
But Joe was already in a fury with a C-SPAN broadcast that had featured journalists discussing the sex stories about Gov.
His laptop had been stolen and files from the computer were handed to a tabloid newspaper that specialises in sex stories, AFP reported.
TOMMY Sheridan yesterday claimed outrageous sex stories about him were based on "smoke and mirrors".
Those looking for salacious sex stories will be disappointed.
If he can avoid more sleazy sex stories, Wayne should be able to hold on to the Coca-Cola, Nike, Mastercard and Pringles deals he's signed - which add up to pounds 4.
ANOTHER senior member also decided to quit, after his 10-year-old daughter was exposed to lurid sex stories.
More short stories, this time of an erotic bent, are included in Skin Deep: Real Life Lesbian Sex Stories (edited by Nicole Foster, Alyson $12.
New Hite Report Shows Adultery Rate Rose Among Reporters in Wake of Gary Hart-Donna Rice Scandal: Author Says Too Many Sex Stories "Demoralizing' Press'
And, surprise surprise, she's involved in offbeat sex stories again.
Andy will love the fact that these sordid sex stories appear about him - but it's just horrible.