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They had a sexual affair -- he bragged about it," the source, who shares he is a good friend of Lionel, shared, "He said he was on the outs with his wife at the time.
Of course, the joke going around is that if the director of the CIA can't hide a sexual affair, he has no business being a spy.
A TEESSIDE man who had a sexual affair with an underage teenager has been jailed.
Tagesanzeiger said the spokesman sought to dispel the impression that there was some kind of sexual affair involved in the car.
Steven Dunne travelled to Liverpool city centre from his home in North Wales, armed with a two-foot pickaxe handle, to confront a man he believed was having a sexual affair with his wife.
Vanessa also refuted reports she and Manchester United striker Alan Smith have had a sizzling sexual affair.
A married milkman who had a sexual affair with a schoolgirl was jailed for nine months yesterday and ordered onto the sex offenders' register for 10 years.
She would proudly show off her new lover and their sexual affair was often carried out under Mrs Power's own roof, with her invalid mother in bed next door.
We began an affair, and yes it was a sexual affair.
In Clinton's view, say Kendall and Ruff, what he did with Lewinsky did not amount to "sexual relations," "an extramarital sexual affair," or "a sexual relationship.
The fact that this new love is not platonic and develops into a steamy, sexual affair, yanks the folklore analogy right out of the picture and then--bam
The Reverend Jerry Wilson of Monticello, Indiana, who said his preaching came "from God Himself," had a sexual affair with his secretary at the Bible Tabernacle Church and planted a bomb to kill her husband.