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When the narrator wishes for a Black Christ so that his heart would not lack "Precedence of pain to guide it," the pain to be recalled within the poem itself is primarily that of the illicit and "unChristian" sexual desire that pierces his body like a hook.
Her attacker, Spenser's armed Cupid, is not invariably bad, he is just "psychological," whereas Spenser's "unarmed Cupid [is good only in a limited sense, being associated with animals and] with Venus, who is identified consistently throughout The Faerie Queene with the physiological causes of sexual desire" (67).
An examination of foreplay not only provides insight into a specific example of what Steven Seidman has called "the eroticization of sex" in the early twentieth century but also demonstrates how marital advice literature simultaneously served the interests of both women and men.(17) On the one hand, the discourse of foreplay allowed middle-class women to lay claim to sexual pleasure while maintaining their respectability - a possibility denied them throughout the nineteenth century - but only by constructing their sexual desire as latent and able to be evoked by a skilled husband.
ABSTRACT: This review defines sexual desire, distinguishes sexual desire from other sexual experiences (e.g.
Ironically, the only woman Mariah can turn to for help in getting the money necessary for delivering her baby in a hospital is Bannie Upshire Dudley, the white woman whose sexual desire for Mariah's father-in-law caused--or at least exacerbated--the town's economic hardship in the first place.
It is created by musicians to give voice to their buried desires, and jazz, in turn, awakens its listeners' buried desires, seen first as sexual desires and then as the desires that make Alice want to "squeeze the life out of [the world] for doing what it did ...
Three major concepts dealt with in discussions of sexual scripting are sexual desire, sexual permissiveness and sexual costs.
please at least try to act like ladies and not like savages from the backwoods.'" If the girls are not "ladies," then they must be "savages," and "savages" are not only rude and ill-mannered but driven by ungovernable sexual desires. This dualism is clear in Helga's memory of Miss MacGooden's explanation for why she had never married: "There were, so she had been given to understand, things in the matrimonial state that were of necessity entirely too repulsive for a lady of delicate and sensitive nature to submit to" (12).
"One study was able to highlight the link between sexual desires and brain regions with a man who experienced epileptic seizures as well as a fetish for safety pins."
Sexual fantasies are thought to be universally experienced and are often understood to represent true sexual desire more accurately than sexual behaviour.
Furthermore, social pressures--compulsory heterosexuality, expectations within long-term monogamous relationships, and so on govern sexual desires and prescriptions for sexual desires: desires are not only forbidden, but actively constructed as well, through mechanisms of social policing.
They answered questions about their sexual desires, their sexual activities, their partner's supportiveness, their birth experience and other factors, like breast-feeding.