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Elsewhere the authors acknowledge that their women agree on the elements of responsible male adulthood: Sexual fidelity, steady work, abiding by the law, and assisting with childrearing are all on everyone's list.
Of some 165 of the best male homosexual relationships in one study--some for 18 years--none were able to maintain sexual fidelity for more than 5 years.
But what starts out as an interesting look at sexual fidelity, relationships and love in the 90s, turns into a rather foul-mouthed and over-wordy piece that never quite escapes its stage play feel.
Monogamy arose because economic hard times made having many wives prohibitively expensive or the,ratio of women to men was unfavorable and because many religions equated monogamy with sexual fidelity.
The older form of marriage, noncompanionate marriage, is marriage in which the husband provides the wife with occasional insemination and financial support in exchange for her pledge of sexual fidelity, but there is no expectation of an intimate bond.
It depended upon policies to ensure certain sorts of sexual relations: male bonding that stopped short of sexuality; men's sexual liaisons with foreign women that stopped short of the affection that might reduce militarized racism; misogyny that stopped short of a domestic violence that might undermine discipline and morale; wives' and lovers' sexual fidelity that stopped short of their having any sense of entitlement.
The Pope insists on teaching abstinence and promoting sexual fidelity in Africa because he believes that the proper place of sex is in marriage.
Lived sexual fidelity to a particular state in life has to do with grace, commitment, self-understanding and other-centered love, not orientation.
The famous study, The Male Couple, conducted by two homosexuals, one a psychologist and the other a psychiatrist, found that of the 156 couples studied, only seven had maintained sexual fidelity.