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With regard to the differences between the results obtained in the three groups analyzed (young female university students from the USA, young Spanish female university students, and Spanish women with different educational levels and higher age variability), the data show that, although the data profile is similar, the US university students score higher than the Spanish women from the general population on the scales that assess Nice in Relationships of friendship and romance, they adapt to the canons of Thinness, Care for Children, and Sexual Fidelity (there were also significant differences with regard to Investment in Appearance, although the magnitude of this difference was small), but they are less demanding with regard to Domestic.
So it would appear that marriage, the tradition of births only to a married couple and sexual fidelity already were in serious trouble long before the concept of same-sex marriages came into focus.
But the clincher was: "I have never thought sexual fidelity is either necessary or sufficiently important in a marriage.
In the 1990s, appeals to the principle of lesser evil have been put forth by other bishops around the world, including Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna, accompanied by cautions that teaching about condoms should not overshadow leading people to practice chastity and sexual fidelity within marriage.
It extols sexual fidelity in marriage, now honored more in the breech than in the observance, and doesn't do so by moralizing, quoting Scripture, or arguing pragmatically about ethics and consequences.
The two-day meetings in sports stadiums are events at which men sing hymns, pray and pledge themselves to a love of Jesus, a commitment to racial healing and to sexual fidelity in marriage or to chastity if unmarried.
Interestingly, she says sexual fidelity isn't necessary in marriage: "Life is about an awful lot more than sex.
She said then: "Strict sexual fidelity doesn't rank that terribly high on my scale of the importance of things.
A society that celebrates bizarre behavior can not create at the same time a set of standards that encourages young people to value sexual fidelity and self-restraint - standards which are at the heart of civilized society.
Since Mrs Archer has the analytical brain of a scientist, lives in splendid isolation at her country mansion, visits her dressmaker when she wants a new outfit, doesn't believe sexual fidelity is necessary to keep a marriage going and possesses the hauteur of a duchess, it seems unlikely she'd have a clue who the average person is, let alone how often they fib.