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HISTORY, evidence. The recital of facts written and given out for true.
     2. Facts stated in histories may be read in evidence, on the ground of their notoriety. Skin. R. 14; 1 Ventr. R. 149. But these facts must be of a public nature, and the general usages and customs of the country. Bull. P. 248; 7 Pet. R. 554; 1 Phil. & Am. Ev. 606; 30 Howell's St. Tr. 492. Histories are not admissible in relation to matters not of a public nature, such as the custom of a particular town, a descent, the boundaries of a county, and the like. 1 Salk. 281; S. C. Skin. 623; T. Jones, 164; 6 C. & P. 586, note. See 9 Ves. 347; 10 Ves. 354; 3 John. 385; 1 Binn. 399; and Notoriety.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A different approach to using gender in taking the sexual history is to speak plainly about which sex organs come into contact during sexual activity.
Once the full sexual history is complete and everyone is satisfied that an appropriate understanding with risk assessment has been reached, the next steps fall within the actual physical exam, all to build on prevention or restoring one's assets.
Areas previously omitted including a complete sexual history were discussed with the patient.
Appeal judges controversially allowed evidence from two men giving details of the woman's sexual history, which it was argued backed up Evans' insistence that the sex was consensual.
Table BIOTEACHERS: Questions to ask when taking a sexual history Topic Question Background or Tell me about your problem.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth: The importance of a sensitive and confidential sexual history in identifying the risk and implementing treatment for sexually transmitted infections.
(21) The drafters of Rule 412 of the Federal Rules of Evidence recognized the minimal probative value and prejudicial nature of sexual history evidence.
Sexual history, like family history, is composed of paragraphs written by institutional staff members and recorded on the presentation summaries.
bars, to determine their drinking habits and recent sexual history. "All patrons (n = 1,196) interviewed reported having been sexually active in the 3 months prior to assessment," the authors wrote.
My fellow workers were a rag-tag bunch: a John Lennon lookalike with a dirty vest and a saintly disposition; an ex-Marine with a somewhat chequered sexual history; and two crinkle-faced, twinkly-eyed brothers.
This is a difficult topic as contending issues of discomfort and trauma of the exam must be balanced against general population recommendations and personalized care and, frequently, an unreliable sexual history. The most difficult patient with whom one would want this dialogue is often the patient who has the most severe cognitive deficit and doesn't understand the benefits but clearly perceives the invasion and discomfort.

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