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In sum, the available scientific research indicates that higher amounts of alcohol intake have an immediate short-term negative impact on the arousal and orgasm phases of the human sexual response cycle.
Exploration and comfort with genitals and an understanding of the female sexual response cycle are important because it helps women learn about their preferences and desires.
Young girls should be encouraged to look at and identify their external genitalia and to connect their erotic feelings and sexual response cycle to appropriate genital body parts along with others they might already have.
Patients should be educated about normal anatomy, the female sexual response cycle, and normal changes in sexual functioning that may occur throughout the life cycle.
She proposed an important fifth stage to the sexual response cycle in the late 1970s that she called desire.
Physicians should consider the specific phases of the sexual response cycle when evaluating sexual functioning in patients, Dr.
Sexual dysfunctions, according to the study, are "characterized by disturbances in sexual desire and in the psychophysiological changes associated with the sexual response cycle in men and women.
As a practicing urologist, sex researcher and clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of sexual complaints, she has a great vantage point from which to evaluate claims that sex and a whole series of phenomena associated with it--desire, erections, orgasms, "the human sexual response cycle," intercourse, even sexual pleasure itself--are timeless, universal and readily definable aspects of human biology.
It is from this perspective that Tiefer criticizes some of the best-known lab studies, notably the work of Masters and Johnson on the Human Sexual Response Cycle.