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FOXBORO - The temperature soared and tempers flared yesterday as the Patriots practiced in hazy, hot and humid conditions on a shadeless field on the steamy grounds of Gillette Stadium.
With a crowd estimated at 3,000 that filled the bleachers and had the overflow spectators lined up along fences around the throwing sector, the men's and women's competitors saluted meet organizers for the decision to move their event 100 miles from the site of the rest of the Trials, along with applauding the throng that watched and cheered while enduring a blistering sun in a shadeless setting.
So Dawber organized a meeting to discuss what the community might do about their shadeless parks and playgrounds.
Something between John Brack's cool precision and Peter Booth's dark intensity, I would say; we never seem to escape the dour parade in the former's 'Five O'Clock, Collins Street', and Clarice Beckett's cloud-soft suburban streets have become a thing of the past, so far from Howard Arkley's spray-painted villas in lurid, shadeless shades.
Imagine the moving shadow Of a cloud far off across that shadeless ocean, The obliterating strangeness like a tide That pulls or empties the bubble of the child's Imaginary heart.
A simple approach to lights is also best here, so choose white shadeless fairy lights for a subtle look, which still manages to sparkle.
T]hose blinding rays that strike down through the slender bush foliage as through glass, and bleach the very colour out of the shadeless, quivering sky--these things, to the traveller from the dim grey North, are worth all the heat and glare, destruction of hands and skin, that must be encountered.
And soaking up the incredible sights of turquoise sea, shadeless pebbled beaches and pine-covered mountains, it is easy to appreciate why Aphrodite chose Cyprus as her home.
Implying I had just dragged myself home to Huddersfield after three weeks stranded in the shadeless depths of the Sahara desert.
And, talking of lights, again a simple approach is probably the best choosing either coloured or white shadeless fairy lights.
Fathers and Sons" and the reduction of its hemlock forest to "open, hot, shadeless, weed-grown slashing," are [also] a vital part of this lineage.
The bus parked in the shadeless lot of the Visitors' Center, a low concrete building that resembled a bomb shelter, where they would be educated about the test sites before viewing them.