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The five exposure structures in Mississippi (MS structures) were constructed to face south in a shadeless area open to direct sunlight.
May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert Lingenfelser of the Marine Mammal Conservancy and Denise Jackson from the Florida Keys Marine Mammal Rescue Team knew what they needed to help rehydrate the whales that had accidentally beached themselves on this hot, shadeless Florida key.
Within weeks, 14 Mexicans had died along the refuge's "Devil's Path," a dry, nearly shadeless area where daytime temperatures rise well above 100 degrees.
Known as The Giant of Provence, the shadeless upper slopes proved too much for English rider Tom Simpson, who collapsed and died in the 1967 Tour, while in 2000 both Armstrong and Italian Marco Pantani fought their way to the top before the American controversially allowed Pantani through to win.
In fact, in the tiny room where Anne has shut him up during the photo session, he lies facing a window, "the only window in the house looking shadeless and shameless to the West, the glaring West" (p.
He was sixty-three, moving out across the shadeless beach behind his kibanda, poking a beached sea cucumber with his toe, when Tumaini, who was not yet so confused by visitors that she crouched under a cot daylong, yelped and skittered and dashed away, galloping down-shore, her collar jangling.
The island is a place "of fetid swamp, unhealthy miasmas, shadeless bush, and painful extremes of heat and cold.
His life has been quite bleak and shadeless so he's retreated into himself.