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Its stainless steel camera head with high-sensitivity imager and shadowless LED lighting inspects pipes up to 9 inches.
Diagnostic ultrasonography system, electrosurgical coagulator, shadowless surgical lamp, delivery table, electrical aspirator, medication fridge and other medical equipment were allocated to the center within the Grassroots Human Security Project.
Who, then, would abandon the ever-putrefying cowardice, soulless collectivism, and mere conformity with much of this unconscious world and sit with Genius just for one more night--where there shall be no more secrets in the darkness' midst, other than shadowless man, without flight from destiny, naked, engraved, and unshaken on the scarlet horizon behind a thousand prison features?
And in the shadowless unclouded glare Deep blue above us fades to whiteness where A misty sea-line meets the wash of air.
They will notice the evenly-distributed illumination practically shadowless and I think that six searchlights placed around Newcastle would give a more economic and efficient lighting system than the present street lamps.
To enforce its invisibility through silence is to allow the black body a shadowless participation in the dominant cultural body.
Whereas mass culture offers flattened dimensions and the shadowless surface of the "sunlit playpen," the South is a topography of tensions, ambiguities and dangerous depths, a landscape defined by its dark spaces.
Beneath the shadowless equanimity of Norman Rockwell's America, however, Baxter evokes something like the chilling starkness and human isolation of the work of Edward Hopper: that bleakly beautiful art in which mannequinlike figures are positioned without seeming awareness of one another, tentatively or clumsily posed, staring vacantly into space in scenes that both invite and repel nostalgia.
Here everything was out of place--guitars abandoned on their backs, birds flying loose in an urban art gallery, grass growing behind a theater--but the result was a clean and shadowless stage for an almost sacred encounter with art and nature.
An introductory essay, Shadowless Light, by the travel writer, rock climber and one-time Snowdonia shepherd Jim Perrin, opens the book alongside the famous Reservoirs poem by RS Thomas.
Swift little breezes, darting chill, Pant down the lake; A crow flies from the yellow hill, And in its wake A baffled line of labouring rooks: A purple bow the shadowless river looks.
there's one at the wheel spinning through a shadowless night