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Detailing stories from his intriguing family history, Shakin' Stevens has created a remarkable musical tribute to his once mysterious past.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I would run through brick walls for Shakin' Stevens.
It all began two years ago, when Shakin' Stevens released an ultimate collection box set, the 147 track The Epic Masters, featuring unique mini vinyl style CDs, and 20 page colour booklet with sleeve notes from the man himself.
Born Michael Barratt in Wales, in 1948, Shakin' Stevens or "Shaky" is the UK's 16th biggest-selling recording artist of all time.
I drew the line at putting up posters of Shakin' Stevens, though, who turned out to be George's pin-up of choice.
GLC member Rhys said: "There hasn't been a decent Christmas song since Shakin' Stevens went underground and George Michael started sleeping in cars, so we decided to take up the mantle.
Here is the full playlist:This Ole House - Shakin' Stevens (Remastered 2004): Welsh-born star Shakin' Stevens hit the top spot with This Ole House in February 1981.
ROCK legend Shakin' Stevens was at his old school in Cardiff yesterday to present a life-saving defibrillator.
DOWNLOAD: I Need You, Distant Sky, Skeleton Tree SHAKIN' STEVENS, ECHOES OF OUR TIME HHH HH FACT one: Shakin' Stevens is 68 years old.
BIRTHDAYS: Adrian Lyne, film director, 75; Shakin' Stevens, singer/ songwriter, 68; James Ellroy, novelist, 68; Kenny Dalglish, former football manager, 65; Chris Rea, rock musician, 65; Tim Vine, comedian, 49; Evan Dando, rock singer, 49; Patsy Kensit, actress, 48.
1981: e Welsh rock'n'roller Shakin' Stevens was at number one with is Ole House.
Adrian Lyne, film director, 73; Bobby Womack, soul singer, 70; Shakin' Stevens, singer/ songwriter, 66; James Ellroy, novelist, 66; Kenny Dalglish, football manager, 63; Chris Rea, rock musician, 63; Evan Dando, rock singer, 47; Patsy Kensit, pictured, actress, 46; Brooklyn Beckham, son of David and Victoria, 15.