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"Zombie Love - A Half-Eaten Sonnet": I think that I shall never face/A creature with such a subtle grace/As thee, O Shambler, Lurcher, All-devouring/Bloody-breasted love, empowering/Womanhood with broken teeth and claws;/Screaming, I surrender to your gaping maw/And seek erotic ecstasy that strains/All believability.
Thomas Shambler, the Dubai-based editor of the Middle East edition of Stuff magazine, said that misgivings were not surprising given the history of state-backed telecommunications surveillance in the region.
Thomas Shambler is the features editor of Stuff Magazine Middle East.
* Robert Bloch: probably best known for Psycho, began writing Cthulhu Mythos tales in his late teens; modeled a character in "The Shambler from the Stars" after Lovecraft; best "mythos" work is "Notebook Found in a Deserted House."
Thankfully, this passing traffic has been blocked in recent years as a close Shambler Watch is now kept on the door.
The definition of Shambler in this dictionary is two-fold.