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LAWS, RHODIAN, maritime. law. A code of laws adopted by the people of Rhodes, who had, by their commerce and naval victories, obtained the sovereignty of the sea, about nine hundred. years before the Christian era. There is reason to suppose this code has not been transmitted to posterity, at least not in a perfect state. A collection of marine constitutions, under the denomination of Rhodian Laws, may be seen in Vinnius, but they bear evident marks of a spurious origin. See Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 4, p. 15; this Dict. Code; Laws of Oleron; Laws of Wisbuy; Laws of the Hanse Towns.

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It's heartening to see that TI doesn't view reaching the limits of Shannon's Law as "fait accompli," said Stephane Teral, principal analyst of mobile and FMC infrastructure, Infonetics Research.
Recall once again that, according to Shannon's law,
Shannon's law, however, says that there is a limit to how good these codes can get--whether the communication channel is a fiber-optic cable or a noisy room.