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The majority of Dick adaptations stem from his short stories rather than his novels, and have mostly been disappointing, due to their superficial treatment of the story material, with the main exceptions to date probably being Blade Runner, Minority Report and the independently produced A Scanner Darkly (Richard Linklater, 2006), the latter using the animation technique of rotoscoping in postproduction to capture the novel's sense of a drug-induced unreliable and shapeshifting reality.
We came up with an idea for less gear that does more," says Anderson, whose company is named for the shapeshifting Norse god of mischief, Loki.
Though a number of critics have drawn on psychoanalysis in examining Churchill, I argue that the writings of Zizek, and the later works of Jacques Lacan that inspire his investigations, set forward a complex theorization of shapeshifting itself, a mode of thinking especially equipped to grapple with The Skriker's "speculative" contortions.
Acknowledging the profound shift that has occurred in conceptions of the archive, she harvests from this shapeshifting, virtual space, whose newfound parameters have changed the way we think about knowledge.
Respondents reported OBEs (53%), telepathy (60%), the loss of the sense of a discrete self (47%), traveling clairvoyance, (62%), contact with entities (20%), time travel (40%), animal shapeshifting (53%), and visions of mythological beings (33%), all under the influence of psychedelics.
43 Which actor played the shapeshifting Terminator in the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day and FBI agent John Doggett in The X-Files?
One new strand of an essentialist cultural studies is clearly visible in Mudrooroo's (1996) "Maban reality and shapeshifting the past".
A new security thread planned for it will cause shapeshifting.
And beyond the joyful remembering of young Wart's flying escapades in a novel read long ago (well before grandmotherhood arrived), I found a deeper realization about shapeshifting.
While Howard claims to speak against post-modernism, his political shillyshallying with multiple moves and shapeshifting flexibility is an indicator of just how well he has learnt the postmodern tango.
The appearance of Elaine's past love, the shapeshifting wolf who is the father of her child, and the fact that Elaine's son is named the Queen Mebd's heir are extremely troubling.
Some of the book's disciples would even undergo shapeshifting, entering the store one week large and seemingly desperate and in a period of a few to several weeks, returning as moderate to even small and exuberant.