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These countries have historically defined their national identity less in terms of universal ideals and more in terms of shared ancestry and ethnicity - as much as liberals would like to change that fact, it means that countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea probably can't import enough people to cancel out aging without risking a xenophobic backlash.
This reminder of our shared ancestry, as distant as it may be, set the theme for this year's Democracy Project field experience in South Africa.
Rick Overlooking Horse and You Choose Watson are cousins, bound by shared ancestry and blood, but little else.
Anchorage mallards shed viruses that shared ancestry with 2 of 4 North American segments (basic polymerase protein 1 and nonstructural) of the H5N1 reassortant (online Technical Appendix Figures 2, 5, 12).
Professor Stephen Harding (University of Nottingham) will explain the impact of the Vikings' arrival on the Wirral peninsula over 1,100 years ago and demonstrate how their legacy lives on in such 'Viking hot spots' with DNA surveys of old families from Wirral showing shared ancestry with Scandinavians.
Descendants of various Scottish clans - loose collections of distant relatives with shared ancestry - lined a dozen booths, eager to tell their stories.
Biologists since Charles Darwin have used the structure of the bat wing as an example of both evolutionary novelty the appearance of a new trait and vertebrate homology, or shared ancestry between two seemingly different structures in this case, the wing of the bat and the forelimb of other mammals.
Challenging the idea that people to whom we are closest in terms of ancestry naturally matter most, geographer Nash describes the dangers of figuring genetic similarity through shared ancestry as the basis for senses of affinity, care, and commonality.
DNA analysis threw up a few other surprises, including a potential shared ancestry between the Hardy Speckled, Kerry Hill and Beulah breeds.
Ms Hodge said: "I've got shared ancestry with my friend in Canada.
If you don't explicitly consider such exchanges, these admixture events get confounded with shared ancestry," he said.
35) provides a prequel that brings these first books together, providing a prequel that considers the shared ancestry of the first two title protagonists and the third protagonist of Neb the Great, raised to conquer until a woman changes his life and gives him sons who will change history.