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In conjunction with the merger agreement, CIR also entered into shareholder agreements with deferred effect with FCA and Ital Press relative to their respective future shareholdings in GELE.
Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China" deals with the legal framework and structuring of a joint venture in China, with information on both the more traditional kinds of joint ventures and the more recent use of shareholder agreements when acquiring shares in an existing company.
LAVALLE, Drafting shareholder agreements for the closely-held business, 4 DePaul Bus.
As soon as the corporation realized the problem, it (1) recharacterized distributions in excess of a shareholder's rightful amount as loans between the corporation and the shareholder; (2) amended the current shareholder agreements to mandate that the purchase price for shares equal their fair market value (FMV); and (3) required that all distributions to shareholders be proportionate to stock ownership.
But these valuations discount the price heavily because 1) there is not a large market for the small holdings of individual shareholders without a controlling interest, 2) the regulations surrounding ownership qualifications of Sub S companies, and 3) due to restrictions imposed by shareholder agreements, since each Sub S company has its own shareholder agreement.
Properly structured, bona-fide shareholder agreements (with buy--sell provisions) between family members establish a value for a family business on an owner's death; this value should be upheld for estate tax valuation purposes.
The court found that the shareholder agreements preserving control by the family did not severely restrict marketability, and that an above-average to average marketability discount was related to the expense involved with a public offering.
National Atlantic Holdings Corporation (Nasdaq: NAHC), a provider of specialized property-casualty insurance products and related insurance services in New Jersey, announced today that it has cancelled certain outdated shareholder agreements.
Completion of the Anooraq-Pelawan transaction, more fully described in the Joint News Release dated January 21, 2004 and the Anooraq News Release dated January 23, 2004, is subject to a number of conditions, including but not limited to regulatory approvals from authorities in South Africa and Canada, finalization of the Joint Venture and shareholder agreements with Anglo Platinum governing each party's interest in the Ga-Phasha Project, and approvals by the shareholders of both Pelawan and Anooraq.
The shareholder agreements and related documents provide backup support by Swiss Re that Fitch views as critical to the rating.
As part of the transaction, France Telecom has executed documents reaffirming the termination of its governance rights in Crown Castle and its subsidiaries under a governance agreement and shareholder agreements with Crown Castle, CCUK and others.
France Telecom also has significant governance rights in both Crown Castle and CCUK as the holder of Crown Castle Class A Common Stock and under a governance agreement and shareholder agreements with Crown Castle, CCUK and others, including the right to elect two members to Crown Castle's board of directors and veto rights with respect to certain material transactions by Crown Castle.