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Leonards notes that the participants in Shays's Rebellion didn't call themselves rebels.
3) Engels stresses that Shays's Rebellion exposes the instabilities of democratic mob rule, furthering the American quest for rational, nonviolent government: reason is often violent, while violence can be rational (violence can also order society).
What impact does Washington think Shays's Rebellion will have on the image of the United States in foreign countries?
Press of Virginia, 1993); Michael Lienesch, Reinterpreting Rebellion: The Influence of Shays's Rebellion on American Political Thought, in Gross, ed.
After Shays's Rebellion, General Henry Knox warned his former commander, George Washington, about the rebels: "They see the weakness of government; they feel at once their own poverty, compared to the opulent, and their own force, and they are determined to make use of the latter in order to remedy the former.
In Debt to Shays: The Bicentennial of Shays's Rebellion (1993), pp.
Principal wars: American Revolutionary War (1775-1783); Shays's Rebellion (1787).
Robert Martin explains how the public protests and arguments against first Shays's Rebellion, then the Whiskey Rebellion, and finally "Fries's Rebellion" (Martin calls them "regulations," not rebellions, to emphasize their general orderliness within the democratic process) were in fact efforts to arouse public opinion against what they regarded as overbearing, even tyrannical actions of government, and against the elitist (or Hamiltonian or Federalist) theories offered to justify them.
Yet Formisano demonstrates that the consequences of largely symbolic confrontations such as Shays's Rebellion [1786-1787] and the Whiskey Rebellion [1794] included the Constitutional compromise of dual sovereignty between the states and the federal government and a watered-down radicalism "used by elite and middling democrats to defend a vision of localism compatible with state authority" (57).
Every high school and college student learns that Shays's Rebellion was an uprising of debtors, mostly former Tories, who closed several Massachusetts courts to save their farms from foreclosure.
Marietta was founded by the Ohio Company of Associates and was established in response to the turmoil of Shays's Rebellion in 1787.