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Finally the CF/EP composites were mechanically tested using interlaminar shear strength load frame and samples were made according to ASTM D2344-84 standard [29].
Differences in shear strength and percent wood failure between adhesives and species were compared using the Tukey test ([alpha] = 0.05).
Our numerical simulation results indicate that evolution of the shear strength and permeability of rock joints is strongly related to the infill thickness ratio (t/h) and JRC.
Any change in shear strength coming from anatomical characteristics was lessened in the sample (even in the specimens), as seen in Figures 3a and b.
The cyclic direct shear tests were carried out to elucidate the influence of [C.sub.STC] on the residual shear strength of mixtures with the apparatus shown in Figure 4.
[26] found that the horizontal and vertical roots of plants could improve the shear strength of soil by laboratory experiments.
Shear rate determination is a crucial problem that directly affects the time and results associated with the shear strength testing of unsaturated soils.
The weight of the overlying soil became an excess burden to the underlying plane, reducing the shear strength due to excessive moisture content; the top plane eventually slipped causing a landslide.
The tensile shear strength values of the ultrasonic welded aluminium joints are shown in Table 2 along with its welding parameters.
[2] applied FRP laminates to the flat slabs and proposed Critical Shear Crack Theory to estimate the shear strength of flat slabs reinforced with FRP laminates.