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For most sheepherders, your companionship is reward enough for sharing information, Jay cautions about being too generous.
While introducing program participants to arborglyphs, Mallea discusses Basque culture and history, and he describes the role that sheepherders played in sustaining miners (meat) and eastern industry (wool).
It might seem a peculiar mode of communication, but for sheepherders stranded high in the mountains for long periods of time, there weren't many other options.
The first paragraph refers to such struggles across the globe, from rubber tappers in the Amazon, villagers of the Chipko movement in Northern India, and Ogoni dissidents in Nigeria to Navajo sheepherders, residents protesting hazardous sites in South Central Los Angeles and Memphis, and several American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest (3).
Two famous events in Kaycee are the "Deke" and the Sheepherders Rodeo.
The result is a highly unusual sound that utilizes the powerful, melodic screaming of sheepherders to communicate across vast distances, and a 16th-century fiddle played with the fingernails.
The old people of the Tiguex pueblos, Mexican sheepherders who walked there long before there were buildings.
I suppose that someday I'll find myself speaking for a whole morning to a trade association of sheepherders in Bratislava.
It is our hope that the Navajo Nation will continue to support the cultural and economic survival of the Dine and will work with sheepherders to implement a sustainable environmental policy that will provide for the restoration and development of the Navajo-Churro as a breed of livestock uniquely adapted to the arid ecosystem in which it thrives.
But Coolan precipitates a fight by inviting desperate sheepherders to settle Sweet Meadows.
The characters include Kazakhs, Tajiks, Tibetans, and Chinese, ranging from the horse and sheepherders of the mountain clans through the Tibetan lamas to the regional Communist overlords.
The Labor Code was amended to codify minimum wage, hours, and working conditions for sheepherders adopted by the State Industrial Welfare Commission (Order Number 14-2001, effective July 1, 2001).