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9(bc) Egg weight (g) 68 68 67 Egg mass (g/d) 65 64 63 Broken and shell-less egg 0.
Shell-less argonauts (juveniles and minute males) may also be at risk in a changing ocean.
based supermarket chain has scored a major hit by marketing Kings Completely Naked Lobster--a 100% intact, shell-less, 1 1/2 pound whole lobster with all of the succulent lobster meat removed.
I n Ziichtung (Fertilization), 1998, wearing pristine lab coats and dainty blue gloves, they peer down microscopes; in Schnecken kommen (The snails are coming), 2000, the pair hoe cabbages while unpleasantly large, shell-less, mutant snails wriggle around their shiny boots.
fleece bur is less bulky, compresses down to a smaller pack space, breathes better, and evaporates sweat faster during shell-less aerobic activities.
Egg production, broken-cracked eggs and shell-less egg were recorded daily from 23 to 70 wk of age.