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By contrast, the Jewish-Greek LXX translators preferred content-based titles; for them, Shemot or "Names" became instead [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], "Exodus.
Leibowitz, Studies in Shemot, Jerusalem: World Zionist Organization, 1976], 684-87.
The Hebrew name for Exodus is shemot (names) because the book opens by recapitulating the names of the 12 sons.
As she guides me through the reading of Shemot, enriching the weekly parashot with a deft use of classical commentaries including the Chassidic masters, my Torah study leads me to reach for an understanding of our people's ancient history as present experience.
Makom, "place," and shem, "name," are familiar designations for God; the plural shemot refers to the worn pages of sacred texts that require a reverent burial, and the genitive form shmot is the Hebrew title of the Book of Exodus.