Shepard's Citations

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Shepard's Citations

Shepard's® Citations

A set of volumes published primarily for use by judges when they are in the process of writing judicial decisions and by lawyers when they are preparing briefs, or memoranda of law, that contain a record of the status of cases or statutes. Shepard's Citations provide a judicial history of cases and statutes, make note of new cases, and indicate whether the law in a particular case has been followed, modified, or overruled in subsequent cases. They are organized into columns of citations, and various abbreviations indicate whether a case has been overruled, superseded, or cited in the dissenting opinion of a later case.

The term shepardizing is derived from the act of using Shepard's citators.

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Lexis Advance offers expanded Shepard's Citations previews and validation tools, a wider selection of alerts, and advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities.
An examination of Shepard's Citations between the time Schwinn was decided and 1976, the year before Sylvania, reveals that Schwinn was distinguished by lower courts more often than it was followed-thirty-five times versus twenty-three times.
The problem of treating positive and negative citations alike is addressed by using "treatment" data from Shepard's Citations (provided by LexisNexis) to rank judges according to the positive or negative citations of their peers: other federal appellate judges.
For each of them, we used Shepard's Citations to determine the number of times, for each federal circuit, federal district courts cited or legally interpreted each Supreme Court opinion in a given year.
Our methodology was quite simple: We identified all opinions filed since 1940, by each of the 50 state high courts, that Shepard's Citations Service has designated as having been "followed" (3) in a published opinion by a state court outside the originating jurisdiction, and then noted the number of times this had occurred.
Hansford, Measuring Legal Change: The Reliability and Validity of Shepard's Citations, 53 POL.
With the new release, updating legal research stored in the LexisNexis version of Time Matters will be easier and quicker, including the ability to save specific search criteria and results from Shepard's Citations Service.
At the Web site, users can access LEXIS caselaw for $9 and the Shepard's citations service for $4 through a credit card system.
The TRO requires West to remove the hyperlinks to its online citations service which appears on a user's computer screen when a user selects Shepard's Citations within West's online service.
Shepard's Citations: CD-ROM Edition is a citator that validates precedent and enables the user to find additional authorities.
From the Web site, users can search and research primary law sources, access treatises and practice guides, perform background checks and research public records, search the NEXIS news database, access Shepard's Citations Service, and review forms manuals.
CheckCite 2000 applies the new SHEPARD'S Citations Service to generate a comprehensive picture of the precedential value of the researcher's citations.