Shepard's Citations

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Shepard's Citations

Shepard's® Citations

A set of volumes published primarily for use by judges when they are in the process of writing judicial decisions and by lawyers when they are preparing briefs, or memoranda of law, that contain a record of the status of cases or statutes. Shepard's Citations provide a judicial history of cases and statutes, make note of new cases, and indicate whether the law in a particular case has been followed, modified, or overruled in subsequent cases. They are organized into columns of citations, and various abbreviations indicate whether a case has been overruled, superseded, or cited in the dissenting opinion of a later case.

The term shepardizing is derived from the act of using Shepard's citators.

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The user can also click on a citation (which opens the cited case in a right-hand viewing pane) and bring up the Shepard's report for the case.
Legal publisher Matthew Bender had sales of more than pounds 115million last year, while Shepard's reported a turnover of more than pounds 40million.
LexisNexis announced that it has enhanced, its flagship legal information service, with advanced functionality for Shepard's reports.