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The assortment of dictionaries at desk informs me that the Hebrew word shibboleth can be used to refer to a stream, a flood or an ear of corn.
If the '90s were about infinite territorializations of freedom and expression, the times found no better icon than the artist, in whose figure traditional romantic ideologies of unboundedness were sutured to New Economy shibboleths.
In general, the leaders of the Catholic community must publicly counter debilitating shibboleths such as "you mustn't judge"; or, we must be welcoming our homosexual brothers and sisters.
I place quotation marks about the word because what Vidal offers is what may be better termed an "alternative history," a history refreshingly bereft of the mythologies and shibboleths about what many of us think was "true.
This book is derived from his Lancaster University doctoral thesis, in which I have to d eclare an interest as a supervisor; but it incorporates a great deal of subsequent work, and I am happy to minimize my own role in the outcome, whose originality, fluency and capacity for challenging and even overturning established shibboleths derives from the virtues of author rather than ostensible mentor.
One might argue that this is natural: that the traditional gay lib views on topics ranging from transsexual visibility to sexual liberation are old hat and the fireworks can come only from gay thinkers who attack these tired shibboleths.
John Francome remarked that you don't see many shibboleths in his beloved Swindon, to which one wag replied: "So it's not a petrol bomb then.
IT IS ONE of the virtually unquestioned shibboleths of our world that what dance really needs nowadays is more choreographers.
In a statement, AJCongress President Jack Rosen and Executive Director Phil Baum congratulated President Clinton and allied leaders for their victory, commending them for "their resolve and courage in standing up to the shibboleths of the pundits -- that air power could never work; that NATO countries would not hold together; and that the Kosovo conflict would become a protracted quagmire like Vietnam, with no exit strategy.