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We find the story of the shibboleth in the twelfth chapter of the book of Judges.
In fact shibboleth, from the Hebrew, has several meanings but in modern usage it is a formula, phrase or taboo associated with a particular class or group.
We stay quiet when we sing, avoid the unseen hand, practice the shibboleths of our foreign land, and drive all night through fields of wheat and corn (so grain remains the same).
Achieving this goal will require overcoming a number of shibboleths.
It took a completely rational view of the world and clearly opposed the shibboleths of state and church at that time.
Risk management is subject to its share of shibboleths, or catch-words, just like any other discipline.
By the cunning manipula tion of symbols and shibboleths, the Republicans created a contest of conservatives agains liberals, with the cards stacked entirely in favor of the former.
The essay, entitled "Stem Cells: Shibboleths of Development, Part II: Toward a Functional Definition," is available free online at www.
His content is political and social, but his position is always to attack shibboleths.