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We get the expression for the mathematical model of digital filter with shiftable phase-frequency response characteristic.
But it is a New Brunswick activist Koop interviews who takes the prize for frankly expressed shiftable loyalties: "My friend, who is now my business partner, was thinking of coming to New Brunswick.
People in the last few years have published a number of papers showing quite strikingly that somewhat extended cognitive training actually shifted people's tests on cognitive abilities that people had presumed were not shiftable anymore," Gabrieli said.
Best guess is that, while Mr Graham is not for turning - he won't shift on the "service" thing, and that's not going to happen - Mr Franks' position is shiftable.
7-litre V6 engine, coupled with a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission, purrs with perfect precision.
In this assembly, the focussing is put into practice by adding a shiftable concave mirror, placed previous to the actual scanner system.