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If the ship's log shows that it had called on any ports in countries that are on the World Health Organization's watch list, thorough investigations are conducted and measures, including disinfection of the ship, are taken," the official said.
Dust-covered ship's logs and some forgotten photographs are all that remain of most ships that have long been mothballed or scrapped.
Extensive annotations set WBG's shipboard observations against the ship's log, contemporary newspaper accounts, and the writings of later historians.
The sixty texts he presents here constitute a spiral of "songs" in fragmented prose (to borrow his own words) that can be read as a ship's log, as a novel, or even as a game.
There must be a ship's log or some way of finding out about these lost relatives.
Such documentation can include such items as utility and telephone bills, mail (to evidence where the taxpayer receives his mail), a ship's log, voting registration and the address shown on a driver's license.
You can climb aboard a scaled-down replica of a fishing boat; on deck are crab pots, nets, ship's log, and compass--and displays to explain how they all work.
Keith traced the ship's log to the National Maritime Museum in London.
CAPTURED: HMS Tiger Bay, formerly the Islas Malvinas, moored alongside HMS Cardiff and, top, the sign which sold for pounds 5,000; BIT OF HISTORY: HMS Cardiff's ship's log, showing the capture of the Islas Malvinas
Others include a letter signed by Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr during the acrimonious break-up of the Beatles, estimated at pounds 60,000, and a ship's log describing a sea voyage Lennon took in 1980.

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