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If the ship's log shows that it had called on any ports in countries that are on the World Health Organization's watch list, thorough investigations are conducted and measures, including disinfection of the ship, are taken," the official said.
As it handled West African timber imported by Elder Dempster Line vessels, this is presumably a ship's log Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
She said: "As well as these amazing images, members of the public have brought many other unheard stories of the Royal Navy and the trade in enslaved Africans to the museum's attention, including the original ship's log of the famed HMS Black Joke of the West Coast of Africa Station.
Ships Crew very weak Slaves all well I find myself Feverish" Captain Samuel Gamble noted in his ship's log for Friday, 29 November 1793.
The ship's log showed Jimmy had not disembarked and the bed in his cabin had not been used.
This is backed up by falsification of a ship's log often claiming poor weather or a sick crew member as reasons for a detour.
Since that historic day, USS Missouri continued to make entries in her ship's log.
In the pilot to the Star Trek series, the heroes keep the ship's log on a yellow note pad as they careen about the universe at warp speed.
WBG says nothing of his prior condition (which the editor determines from the ship's log, which names his owner), how he learned to read and write (the editor guesses that he was schooled at either a Methodist or an Episcopal church in Wilmington), how he escaped, how freedom feels, or what he hopes from the future.
It provides a ship's log for the first and second years of the program.
The sixty texts he presents here constitute a spiral of "songs" in fragmented prose (to borrow his own words) that can be read as a ship's log, as a novel, or even as a game.
It is thus the first known version of the journal, a good deal of it close in style to a ship's log, and is the source of the Journal published in 1721.

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