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SHIP BROKER. One who transacts business between the owners of vessels and merchants who send cargoes.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Shipbroking has faced its own challenges with the high availability of vessels in recent times.
The company's Shipbroking division operates through Braemar ACM Shipbroking Limited; its Technical division includes Braemar Offshore Pte Limited, Braemar Adjusting, Braemar Engineering, Braemar Howells Limited and Braemar incorporating the Salvage Association businesses; and its Logistics division includes Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Limited and Cory Logistics Limited.
The company has become the largest shipbroking business in the world and London is the centre of the international shipping business, so I have had a very interesting career.
Marc Pauchet, an analyst at shipbroking company Braemar ACM, said: "The combination of increased speculative investments in the commodities market and an oversupply of ships has thrown the indicator off in recent years."
Associated Shipbroking The two, as well as Tanker (Monaco); and Petroleos Pacific, are affiliated de Venezuela (PDVSA, with a Europe-based trust Venezuela).
The eight-week programme will include visits to Teesport businesses for an insight into commercial shipping and shipbroking, engineering and dock operations with a visit to Asda's Teesport distribution centre and David Fox Transport in Grangetown.
It made sense - their grandfather ran the Liverpool-based shipbroking firm Staveley-Taylor and Co in Water Street for 40 years, and their father was born on the Wirral.
The other companies named under the recent US sanctions are Petrochemical Commercial Company International (registered in Jersey, a semi-independent island off Great Britain); Royal Oyster Group (UAE); Speedy Ship (UAE/Iran), Associated Shipbroking (Monaco), and Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).
Edward McIlvaney MD of EBM Shipbroking said that "There has got to be a massive quantity of recycling to eliminate this oversupply.
Pacific, Singapore; Ofer Brothers Group, Israel; Associated Shipbroking,
Lt Cmdr Michael Irwin, of Gosforth, was involved with the import and export shipbroking business before and after the Second World War.
Mary began working at her brotherin-law's shipbroking firm, Maritime Chartering, around 15 years ago when her husband Michael was forced to give up work with heart problems.

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