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SHIP BROKER. One who transacts business between the owners of vessels and merchants who send cargoes.

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Edward McIlvaney MD of EBM Shipbroking said that "There has got to be a massive quantity of recycling to eliminate this oversupply.
Pacific, Singapore; Ofer Brothers Group, Israel; Associated Shipbroking,
Lt Cmdr Michael Irwin, of Gosforth, was involved with the import and export shipbroking business before and after the Second World War.
Mary began working at her brotherin-law's shipbroking firm, Maritime Chartering, around 15 years ago when her husband Michael was forced to give up work with heart problems.
The Guardina quotes security officials as saying that well-placed informants in the British capital, the world centre of shipbroking and insurance, gather so much detail on targets that, in the case of the KaragE[micro]l, they not only knew its layout, route and cargo, but had also spent several days practicing the assault.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-9 January 2008-Swedish shipping company SRAB Shipping AB acquires stake in shipbroking firm Ivar Lundh & Co AB(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
IN 1801, at the age of just 26, Ormskirk-born John Bibby set up his shipbroking company Bibby & Hall with WilliamHall.
Dimitrios Fiotakis, The Impact of Information Technology Upon the Shipbroking Profession, 29 MAR.
SS&Y), a shipbroking company in the United Kingdom.
Shipbroking and Chartering Practice provides a practical guide to the law and economics of international shipbroking, the book explains the principles and their practical application.

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