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SHIPPER. One who ships or puts goods on board of a vessel, to be carried to another place during her voyage. In general, the shipper is bound to pay for the hire of the vessel, or the freight of the goods. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1030.

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This year, the report focused on the growing importance of the relationship between shippers and 3PLs as well as emerging technologies such as Blockchain and the continued automation and digitization of overall supply chain management.
An understanding of these rules, and how they typically come into play, helps shippers evaluate the risks and benefits of competing projects and develop strategies for bidding on capacity and negotiating on an equal footing with pipelines.
Starting on July 1, 2016, global shippers are required to provide a verified gross mass of each container, including the cargo contents and the weight of the container, before it is loaded on a vessel.
The ratings reflect the United Shippers group's strong position in the integrated port logistics services business, mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
It's looking like a bummer crop for Arkansas Tomato Shippers LLC of Monticello.
With East and West Coast container ports bursting beyond capacity and shippers pulling their collective hair out over delays at intermodal yards, the St.
Instead, it focuses on extending secure areas at airports, requires extensive background checks of workers and heightens scrutiny of "known shipper" lists that allow frequent shippers of airfreight to have their cargo cleared faster.
For Latin American shippers, DFW International Airport offers convenient, time-saving connections to the world.
Instead of simply reacting to shipper concerns, carriers must take a proactive approach to determining which shippers they should serve.
Canadian Pacific Railway announced in June that 18 chemical shippers in Canada and the U.
As insurance companies raise rates and tack on war risk surcharges and premiums, the shippers are trying to transfer the responsibility of insurance onto the carriers.
Its assets include magazine, directory, database and online publishing outlets, including: JoCWeek, a magazine for North American shippers and transportation providers; PIERS, an international market intelligence database on the movement of goods by sea; joc.