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When was the last time the classification descriptions and gross shipping weights you show on your bills of lading were checked for accuracy?
Here operators verify the shipping weight against pre-determined standards to identify any possible discrepancies; check the packing list; print the customer invoice; and attach c.
To reduce shipping weight and volume many brewers are moving from bottles to cans.
This allows the shipper to declare on the bill of lading a heavier weight than the actual gross shipping weight in order to qualify for the next lowest rating.
Would an alternative packaging concept reduce the labor, cost, or shipping weight without sacrificing product protection?
Cellulose sponges are packaged 'wet,' resulting in higher shipping weight and, consequently, higher shipping costs," said Bonaddio.
The HPRC has a shipping weight up to 30-percent lighter and has lower power consumption with 5-percent less installed power.
Please note the shipping weight and dimensions are as follows: 194 pounds, 56” L x 33” W x 8 1/4” H.
STEALTH can identify all the parcels for a particular invoice, knows the shipment is going to customer 'X', and knows the aggregated shipping weight and shipping method.
Reducing the amount of oil used in a plastic product, cost savings in shipping weight and helping the environment while saving money equals a win.
Teradata switched to LCD monitors to create efficiency for its customers, which reduced shipping weight by 77 percent, shrunk packaging materials by 78 percent and delivered power savings of 60 percent.
While cellulose sponges are packaged "wet", resulting in higher shipping weight and, consequently, higher shipping costs, Aquazone[R] WD is packaged as it is produced - in its original, dry condition - so wholesalers and retailers pay only for the product and not for unwanted and costly additives.