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SHIRE, Eng. law. A district or division of country. Co. Lit. 50 a.

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Committed to growing its reputation as a leading biotech company, Shire is focused on continuing to expand its ophthalmics portfolio to include treatment options for rare diseases and those for anterior and posterior eye conditions.
The Shire does not escape the dreadful consequences of the War of the Ring: Before Frodo and Sam return home, Saruman brutally exploits and tyrannizes the Shire.
The kinship of The Shire and the hobbits to England and its people is undeniable in The Lord of the Rings due to the glaring similarities in geography, culture, history, and politics.
We really rely on the Shire Big Give to provide us with much needed items in our high demand fall and winter months.
You can also report side effects to Shire Medical Information at 1-866-888-0660.
Directors Susan Kilsby commented: "Jeff will join the Shire Board
Included in the deal, subject to shareholder approval, and the subsequent satisfaction of certain conditions, Shire will take a AUD$2 million equity position in Avexa and will also have an option to acquire 4 million more shares following the successful completion of the Phase IIb trial.
I'm also pleased to know that Shire, with its research and commercial expertise, will further develop FST-100 with the goal of bringing it to market as a treatment option for this significant clinical problem.
Operations On January 17, 2014 Shire announced that it had sold its
Anagrelide hydrochloride is marketed by Shire in the US and Canada under the trademark AGRYLIN(R) and will be marketed in Europe under the trademark XAGRID(R).
Daytrana[TM] and DOT Matrix[TM] are trademarks of Shire Pharmaceuticals Ireland Limited and Noven, respectively.
Bill joins as Shire's General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at a time when the company is growing dynamically, enhancing its global reach and impact," said Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov.