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Seeing gypsies and their caravans was a sight many remember," said Shn, adding her own gran used to tell how the travellers often called at their door.
Shn, the daughter of a Carmarthenshire blacksmith, has sung with Bryn Terfel and was chosen from more than 100 jockeys for the race.
Calls to Action, which are requests for interested groups to join the collaborative, are distributed by e-mail to hospitals and posted on the SHN website approximately three times a year (Canadian Patient Safety Institute, 2006).
Shn writes, directs, performs and teaches for the company, performing in most productions, touring at home and abroad.
We are extremely appreciative of the extensive expertise SHN provided from a customer perspective throughout a collaborative development process for our mobile module, which further emphasizes their standing as an industry leader and innovator.
Crefftwyr lleol o Flaenannerch, ger Aberteifi, sydd wedi dylunio ac adeiladu'r Varda Romani traddodiadol y bydd Ifan a Shn yn teithio ynddi.
Shn, who rode across Wales on horseback to raise the money, said: "I'm so proud to be able to tell the people that supported us that their money will allow us to provide essential care for patients and their families.
In the all-stock transaction, SHN Holdings, a natural resources company with leased land in Tanzania from which it extracts precious metals, becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMON.
Tenders are invited for Estimate for P/s to 20 No 36 HP T/W Conn To 1 Shn Atma Ram 2 Shn Sukh Ram 3 Shn Ram4 ShnPrabhoRam5 ShnSonaRamA ShrtChhatruRam 7 Sta Ram Bharoah 8 Shri ShoOhaRamQ ShnSumarSmgh 10 Smt Bn4a Bai 11 ShnDukaluRam 12 Shn0hanra 13 Shn Rojim Bai 14 Shn Mahath Kumar 15 Shn Mahash Kumar 16 Shn lachhmendra 17 Parwati 16 SmtRamaaia19 Smt Oavfcunwar 20 ShnKajaBai At Vdago - SaOor Un Kankar CVCof (Q6M)DnKankar
The opening batsman will be replaced by another left-handed batsman, Shn Masood (23), a former Pakistan U19 player who has 3,065 runs in 65 first-class matches at an average of around 35, the report said.
Cawn weld sut hwyl gafodd Ifan a Shn ar y garaf[sz]n heddiw ar eu taith rhwng Castell Newydd Emlyn a Chrymych.
Ymhlith y milwyr a fu'n rhan o'r ddogfen wreiddiol oedd Shn Hackney, Nigel Davies, Huw Lewis, John Hughes, isod, David Jones a Danny Griffiths.