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Mi wnaethon ni rannu ystafell wisgo tra ar daith o'r sioe gerdd Amazing Grace, gan Mal Pope," cofia Shn.
About the SHN Architecture & Design Awards The Senior Housing News Architecture & Design Awards recognizes cutting-edge design, excellence and innovation in senior living.
Seeing gypsies and their caravans was a sight many remember," said Shn, adding her own gran used to tell how the travellers often called at their door.
Shn, the daughter of a Carmarthenshire blacksmith, has sung with Bryn Terfel and was chosen from more than 100 jockeys for the race.
Although there is an overlap in the goals and some of the improvement initiatives between the CICUC and SHN, the primary difference lies in the targeted patient population and methods used.
The Impostor - presented in association with Watford Palace Theatre - has been adapted by Shn Dale-Jones himself.
Since bringing all ticketing services back in house with AudienceView in 2010, providing excellent customer service has been the highest priority for SHN.
We are very proud to support SHN by sponsoring this year's Architecture and Design Awards," said Kwalu CEO Michael Zusman.
Yn y rhaglen gyntaf, bydd Shn Cothi'n gweld llwybr yr arfordir o'r awyr yn dilyn sgwrs gyda Maldwyn Williams ym maes awyr Caernarfon.
will join opera star Shn Cothi as she launches new support for patients with pancreatic cancer in Cardiff today.
SHN Properties acquired the location in December 1997 as part of a near $2 million deal with Shoney's Real Estate Inc.
LOS ANGELES -- James Monroe Capital Corporation, a Delaware corporation (OTC:JMON), is pleased to announce that it has acquired all issued and outstanding shares of SHN Holdings Inc.