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Future research intends to offer solutions to the following problems: shoe last models cancellation; creating a data base focused on a graphic library of components designed for customized products, shoe type; discovering/elaborating the software tool that allows electronic image integration of the human component and the initial model of the product chosen for customization; customized product manufacturing by using the CNC and RP technologies.
Marcus Tregoning's Dewhurst winner was given a few quiet days after pulling off a shoe last month, but he has been cantering regularly in recent weeks and remains on schedule for the Stan James-sponsored Newmarket Classic.
Attraction is great but she suffered a minor injury in Hong Kong, then she slipped a shoe last weekend and lost another two or three days' cantering.
Rod Millman, trainer of Lyrical Blues ``He lost a shoe last time, which may not have cost him the race but did prevent him from getting as close to the winner as he should have done.
They include Alexander Milenium, the Weatherbys Champion Bumper hope who had been held up in his work after tearing off a shoe last weekend.
At the center of the hall is a column of old wooden shoe lasts.
Shoe lasts and other aspects of footwear manufacture are addressed by the next six chapters, including shoe-last design templates, shoe-last design for mass-customized footwear, footwear advertising, and the environmental impact of footwear and footwear design.
These tools guarantee that new designs are developed on top of the shoe lasts - absolutely key for a good quality shoe as well as allowing designers to produce photorealistic 3D images and prototypes via 3D printing.
AsiaPlastic uses its know-how to recycle EVA and PE as main materials to create high-quality foamed EVA used in the production of shoe lasts, and linings for luggage and backpacks, toys and construction materials.