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In what is expected to be a mouthwatering game at Abdi ypekci, Serbian shooting guard Milos Teodosic, American point guard Aaron Jackson and de Colo will strive to shoot the baskets for CSKA -- while Efes's American-Croatian point guard Dontaye Draper, point guards Thomas Heurtel of France and Doy-uE- Balbay of Turkey will the doing most of the donkey work of trying to stop the visitors from scoring.
Drew Flaherty was the backup shooting guard and had an outstanding jump shot from 15 to 20 feet out.
The shooting guard is entering the final stretch of his career, and the Heat would give him the best chance of winning another ring.
He can pass to shooting guard 2 on his left or pass to 1 on his right and then cut over the screen set by 5 at the elbow, looking for the scoring pass from 1.
The Bulls don't have any notable free agents to worry about re-signing, and might have enough trade bait to land a legitimate starter at shooting guard.
Our post (5) initiates the play by moving up to the top of the key to screen for the point guard (1), who dribble-drives to his right, opposite the shooting guard (2), who immediately drives across the lane and over the double screen.
He's a terrible rebounder for a small forward, too weak to play power forward and not enough of an offensive force to be a shooting guard.
His role was going to be as a backup to Shipp, the starting wing, and power forward Alfred Aboya, and even to Afflalo, UCLA's shooting guard.
Shooting guard Gregg Barlow's success at the junior-college level transfers to Division I.
Texas A&M shooting guard Antoine Wright also is a possible selection.
Yet Walton still is playing out of position at shooting guard, a concession Hamblen will make just to get him on the court.
I'm a shooting guard, but I'm also the defender of the other team's best guard.