Shop Steward

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Shop Steward

A Labor Union official elected to represent members in a plant or particular department. The shop steward's duties include collection of dues, recruitment of new members, and initial negotiations for settlement of grievances.


Labor Union.

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In addition paid release should be provided to all shop stewards required for all local pay and conditions negotiations etc.
Management does not and shall never condone the entitlement attitude of some staff members, including union shop stewards that they deserve to get certain positions without the requisite qualifications, experience and skills.
Interview, Mizael Bizzotto, IKA-Renault shop steward, Cordoba, August 15, 1989.
In the hierarchy of union activity, the person above the shop steward in any particular work setting is known by one of a variety of names, most often "business agent," chapter chairman," or "union representative.
The shop steward called a meeting asking for a vote.
Worked for Jaguar Cars in Coventry and held various offices in the trade union and Labour movement including shop steward, secretary of joint shop steward committee, Sheet Metal Workers Union branch president and Constituency Labour Party chairman.
LONDON, September 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Today a case of an alleged assault and battery by a manager at Sellafield on a Sellafield worker and Amicus shop steward was thrown out of Whitehaven Magistrates Court on grounds of disputed evidence.
Amicus shop steward Simon Horton said: "On average, workers coming from a continental shift to the proposed three-shift will lose around pounds 336 a month.
An investigation into GMB shop steward William Copland was launched last week by Greater Glasgow NHS Trust.
He serviced machines used to cut, grind and sand beryllium and the aluminum alloy containing beryllium and as shop steward took machinists' concerns to the company.
Butch Traylor, a UPS shop steward from Valdosta, Georgia, agreed.
GMB union shop steward Alex Logan was pleased with the preferred bidder.