Shop Steward

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Shop Steward

A Labor Union official elected to represent members in a plant or particular department. The shop steward's duties include collection of dues, recruitment of new members, and initial negotiations for settlement of grievances.


Labor Union.

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In line with the SSC's recognition agreement with NAPWU, a representative from the shop stewards committee attends all interviews for positions in the bargaining unit.
In the IKA-Renault plants, shop stewards on the morning shift stopped work in their departments and gathered the workers together to organize the factory abandonments.
Maintenance on the job and the marshalling of the supportive system is handled by the shop steward and foreman.
The shop steward called a meeting asking for a vote.
Copland, 48, a ward night-duty co-ordinator for long-term patients at Ruchill Hospital, has been a shop steward for the GMB for several years.
Butch Traylor, a UPS shop steward from Valdosta, Georgia, agreed.
The shop steward role is gendered so that union activism could likely have very different consequences for women and men: men tended to get promoted as a result of trade union activism, while women were denied promotion as a result of it (p.
GMB union shop steward Alex Logan was pleased with the preferred bidder.
Building union Ucatt's Midlasnds organiser from 1980, he was a shop steward on Bryant Estate sites in the region and fought to abolish the "lump" casual labour system rife in the construction industry.
Worked for Jaguar Cars in Coventry and held various offices in the trade union and Labour movement including shop steward, secretary of joint shop steward committee, Sheet Metal Workers Union branch president and Constituency Labour Party chairman.
Now a GMB shop steward at the plant, he welcomed the news yesterday but said the battle to save the 28 other factories has to continue.